A well-designed, organized rear entry foyer not only reduces stress in your daily life, but also aids in entertaining!

Daily Activity

Studies report for homes with an attached garage, the door from the garage into the home has become our primary entrance for the household. Designers have typically concentrated on front door entry foyer design, and the entryway from the garage was kind of an afterthought, which often defaulted to a little space where the clothes washer and dryer could be placed.

"After a long day, I arrive home, open the door from the garage only to be greeted by piles of laundry. It's like I'm starting my second job when I get home and find dirty clothes taking over the laundry/mudroom!"

Such was representative of comments we received from women we spoke with. A Woman-Centric Design approach elevates rear foyer design for both practical and aesthetic considerations. And it doesn't double as the laundry room--keeping your blood pressure in check. "Getting the family out the door on time in the morning with everything they need," was the inspiration for cubbies and lockers for the kids...and adults. "Having a place to take off muddy shoes," pointed out the need for a seat. Take a look at these layouts for rear entry foyer design:

Maybe your family pet needs its own cubby with toys, treats, and a leash to head out for a walk. (See the Dandridge plan above with a built-in Pet Center.)

Or, your teenager’s friends are over often to practice for their garage band or to shoot hoops–rather than have them coming in and out of the kitchen for beverages and snacks, set up a mini fridge and snack basket for their convenience (and your own sanity!).


Sanders KitchenYou may be wondering how a well-designed, organized rear foyer entry is beneficial if you enjoy entertaining? Do you feel better and have less stress when your kitchen counter is always presentable, or the alternative? We think we know the answer. 

Keep household stuff stashed 'behind the scenes' so you can show off your beautiful counter tops, and never be embarrassed again when company drops in!

Function and Style

Just because the rear foyer entry leads off the garage and is mainly used by members of the household, doesn't mean it should lack style! At Design Basics we always think about function and style as working in tandem, not an either-or decision. Is your kitchen functional AND stylish? How about your bathroom, office, etc.? Oftentimes, the style you choose determines the functionality of that space and vice versa. Our Finally About Me® persona profiles support this design combination:

  • A Margo tends towards: contemporary, edgy, form over function; her home is unique
  • A Claire tends towards: formal, sophisticated, form and function; her home makes a statement
  • A Maggie tends towards: casual, spontaneous, function over form; her home is carefree
  • An Elise tends towards: traditional, practical, function over form; her home is her haven

Using this information, we created design concepts for rear foyer entries based on these personas - same footprint, different functionality and styles. (Maggie and Elise both value function over form and tend toward a more 'convenient' design; therefore, share a similar design concept.)

Rear Foyer - Margo

Margo Design Concept


Rear Foyer - Claire

Claire Design Concept

Rear Foyer - Elise, Maggie

Maggie, Elise Design Concept

A rear foyer entry is more than just a place to stash your stuff. It takes the clutter out of the kitchen/dining area and becomes the hub of the household's comings and goings. It provides functionality, yet is stylish and flows with your home's interior design. It's flexible in its design, provides storage, helps you de-stress, and aids in entertaining!

Join us next time for Entertaining: Indoor Gatherings

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