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Design Basics History

As a leader in the stock home plan industry, Design Basics, LLC, designs and markets plans for single- and multi-family homes through plan books, newsstand magazines, home building publications, and online. Our company began in 1983 as custom home plan design firm for the professional builders in our local community – Omaha, Nebraska. As the popularity of our designs increased, we expanded our focus from designing for the local market to designing plans that would be adaptable in any location. Since then, both home builder and consumer interest has grown tremendously in all 50 states as well as countries around the world.

We offer a variety of home plans and designs, plan alteration services, custom home design, and professional marketing products and services. Our company has been recognized nationally for home design, business management, corporate growth, sales, and the development of effective marketing products. This growth and success over the years has helped us define our purpose – “Where Great Design Matters.”

Home Design

Our company has been recognized nationally for home design, business management, corporate growth, sales and the development of effective marketing products. This growth and success over the years has helped us define our mission statement - "Where Great Design Matters."

Awards & Honors

Over the years, home builders have received awards for homes they’ve built from Design Basics’ plans and entered in special events such as street of dreams and parade of homes. In as much as we are pleased to contribute to the success of our customers, Design Basics itself has also been recognized with several awards for accomplishments in the home building industry as well as in business. A highlight of a few of these awards follows:

Home Building Industry Awards

  • Best Customer Service from Home Planners and BUILDER Magazine (2 awards)
  • BUILDER Magazine’s Best Selling Home Plan (4 awards)
  • Sales and Marketing Award from the National Association of Home Builders
Business Awards

  • Entrepreneur of the Year in retail/wholesale distribution awarded by Ernst & Young, INC. Magazine and Merrill Lynch
  • Top State Designee of the Blue Chip Enterprise initiative awarded by the United States Chamber of Commerce, Connecticut Mutual and Nation’s Business Magazine


Delivering innovation and leadership through creative home design, marketing, and business transformation solutions, while protecting our right to do so, maximizing value for our customers.


We are committed to increasing stakeholder value by re-focusing our energies and strengths by targeting growth in: Revenue, Innovation, Distinctive Impact, and People and Performance.


Design Basics values our intellectual property and that of its many collaborative partnerships. We, therefore, protect our 950+ plan design copyrights from illegal infringements. This preserves and maximizes customers’ investments, while also protecting our assets, our team members’ employment position, and our shareholders.

Core Values

Passion – We are passionate about new design, providing quality products/programs, and building relationships with our customers in an effort to increase stakeholder value.

Adaptability – Having the ability to adjust or change to meet the changing times. Survival depends on this; success is born from this.

Courage – Our reputation as an industry innovator is based on listening to our clients, creative thinking, and a willingness to take risks when developing new solutions to their frustrations and wishes.

Teamwork – It takes a team to respond to customers and keep the business running smoothly. Our team is built on mutual trust and respect.

Self-Realization – Understanding one's own potential and embracing it allows for a newfound platform of growth possibilities that carries into the workplace.

Visionary – We look to see where we need to go, then lay the foundation to get there; providing growth opportunities for employees and customers.

Effectiveness – "Doing the Right Things" (decision making, prioritizing, spending money) is imperative in changing with the times and running a successful business.

Integrity – We take pride in the work we do. We believe in honest communication and have strong moral principles in our work ethic and decisions.

Learning – Only by continuing to learn will we position ourselves to excel to new heights by applying trends/opportunities/practices discovered. We grow or we die.

Leadership – Design Basics is recognized as an industry leader, built on our team’s vast knowledge and experience. We further take responsibility in educating and guiding our customer.

Efficiency – Our business operations are streamlined, providing our staff, customers, and other stakeholders a high level of expertise in the most resourceful manner.

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