Thoughtful Design Concepts

Full-color Thoughtful Design Concepts bring specialized amenities of the home to life, helping you better visualize what that area could look like when building, remodeling, or re-purposing an existing space. Many amenities are searchable using the Plan Search tool so you can find plans with these features already incorporated into the design. And, as always, if you find a plan and want to include an amenity, talk to one of our plan specialists about modifications through Customized Home Plans services.

Appliance Center Concept

Appliance Center Concept

The convenience of ready access for our most-used small appliances without cluttering up our kitchen counters.

Chill-N-Grill™ Concept

For those that love to barbecue but don't have or want a full outdoor kitchen. With under-counter refrigerator, prep counter, and storage for seasonings and grilling essentials.

Coffee Bar Concept

Carving out a small space in your bedroom suite for a coffee bar is an amenity you'll appreciate daily. You can design with a water supply line or a sink, depending on the coffee maker; and, even include a mini frig/freezer for creamer, ice, etc.

Craft Closet Concept

Installing shelves, drawers, and racks, you can keep all your craft supplies in one spot. And, you can leave an ongoing project "out" hidden behind closed doors.

Laundry Solution A
Laundry Solution in Closet
Pocket Office Concept

Laundry Solution Concept
(In Laundry Room)

If your home's design facilitates a shared wall between your closet, bedroom, or bathroom, a laundry pass-through conveniently "drops" dirty clothes into your laundry room.

Laundry Solution Concept
(In Closet)

Incorporated into your closet, bedroom, or bathroom cabinetry as a tilt-out or pull-out drawer.

Pet Center Concept

Better address the needs of your pets - a space for kennels, feeding, storage, and even washing.

Pocket Office Concept

A space considerably smaller than a traditional den or home office freeing up square footage in your home for other uses.

Rear Entry Foyer - Claire

Drop Zone Concept

Eliminate kitchen counter clutter with a Drop Zone to catch items when you first arrive home.

Rear Foyer Concept
(Claire Persona)

Organization and convenience - hooks for hanging, cubbies/baskets for small items, a spot for shoes, and a handy bench.

Rear Foyer Concept
(Elise, Maggie Personas)

Organization and convenience - hooks for hanging, cubbies/baskets for small items, a spot for shoes, and a handy bench.

Rear Foyer Concept
(Margo Persona)

Organization and convenience - hooks for hanging, cubbies/baskets for small items, a spot for shoes, and a handy bench.

Sanctuary Space Concept - Example for Design 29323.
Screened Porch from plan 42421
Stor-N-More Design
Outdoor Kitchen from Plan 42424

Sanctuary Space™ Concept

Sanctuary - a haven...a safe place...a refuge...a oasis...a hideaway...this private, personal space in the home speaks to today’s buyers.


Screened Porch Concept

Enjoying Mother Nature’s sounds, sights, and breezes – with no insects to “bug” you.  Screened-in porches are delightful, whether enjoying a family dinner outside, having a few friends over, or simply relaxing!

Stor-N-More™ Concept

Cushioned seat with flip-top bench for laundry basket or storage, hooks for towels and robes, and linen storage above.

Outdoor Kitchen Concept 1

Grills are often the hub of an outdoor kitchen. Having a roof overhead means rain doesn’t cancel your barbecue. Consider also your storage needs, refrigeration, and whether you want a natural gas line. 

Summer Kitchen from Plan 9286
Sun Room - Design 50039
Travel Center Design
Wine Room Concept

Outdoor Kitchen Concept 2

Spanning the gamut from simple to elaborate, outdoor kitchens can become the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining, while avoiding heating up your home in the summer.

Sun Room Concept

Light, bright and airy, we’re all drawn to spaces such as sunrooms!

Travel Center Concept

Keep everything handy and make packing a snap!

Wine Room Concept

The convenience of storing and entertaining when you don't have a wine cellar or full bar in your home.

Work-in Pantry Concept

Work-in Pantry Concept

The convenience of storage and prep kitchen in one!

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