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Research shows that 80% of homebuilding and remodeling decisions are made by women. Therefore, in January 2003, Design Basics recognized a need to publish a magazine for women in the dreaming or planning stage of building a new home or remodeling their current home. It didn’t take long for the vision to become a reality. The first issue was launched in September that same year. From the start, our goal was to provide practical information and a wealth of ideas to help women make these major decisions.

Unlike home decorating magazines, Her Home focuses on women’s perspectives on design, construction, and products for the home. It also includes input from leading women home builders and industry experts. The publication is written to give women the information and tools to make wise, informed decisions when building a new home or remodeling her current home.

Utilizing smart, fresh layouts and beautiful photography and designs, each article is written with practical, take-away value. There is a need for this type of magazine, and Her Home Magazine fills that need.


Her Home Magazine covers the trends and issues that are shaping the world of homebuilding and home improvement projects. Readers know that in every issue they will find insightful writing, beautiful photography, solid reporting, and the magazine’s knack for knowing what’s just around the corner in terms of residential design and products. Builders can order Her Home Magazine to use for their sales and marketing efforts – contact us today! 800.947.7526


About the Publisher

Her Home Magazine is published by Design Basics, LLC.in Omaha, Nebraska. Established in 1983, Design Basics is one of the largest home plan design firms in the nation, catering to both consumers and home building professionals. Design Basics has published dozens of plan books, some of which are distributed through national and regional chains, as well as custom publishing projects for individual clients. Producing this printed material is a professional marketing and publishing staff that includes researchers, writers, editors and graphic artists. Design Basics has received numerous awards for outstanding home design, marketing and business management.

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No Regrets: Start with the Floor Plan

It’s not uncommon for people to fall in love with a certain exterior home design or the decor/colors/etc., but then ask for some pretty extensive changes to the floor plan. Or, they build/purchase the home only to find out the floor plan isn't conducive to...

Pool Bath

If your backyard is the gathering spot for the neighbor kids, you’ll appreciate they can go potty without traipsing through the home. And, if that bathroom has a shower, it’s an ideal “pool bath.” Spent the afternoon planting and gardening? That’s a welcome clean-up...

Add Style to Your Kitchen

Introducing Café, a unique and customizable line of appliances from GE that put your personality and style on display. Through their catalog of high-performance kitchen appliances, Café no longer forces the choice between functionality or design – beauty AND brains....

Chill-N-Grill Design Amenity

Do you love to entertain/grill out, but don't have the space or want a full outdoor kitchen? Then, you might consider adding a Chill-N-Grill™ station to your home design. The Chill-N-Grill is typically placed just inside the door leading to the grilling area and can...

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Hideaway Solutions has solved the problem of hard to reach shelves and cabinets in the kitchen with the STEP 180 pull-out cabinet step stool. Modern design lends itself to tall ceilings and cabinets, which can create a problem when they become out of reach. Hideaway...

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