Cooking without Grease Odor

Cooking without Grease Odor

From the company that pioneered mixing cutting edge design with innovative range hood technology, comes a new idea in stress-free cooking. Elica’s NikolaTesla induction cooktop is designed to make cooking and clean-up a hassle-free process. Elica incorporated the standard, highly desirable qualities of an induction cooktop such as rapid boil and easy cleaning, and took it one step farther by integrating a fully functional range hood into the cooktop itself. The central fan replaces the typical range hood and gathers grease and odors without compromising design. It also has a built-in double bridge function that combines two adjacent cooking zones to adjust for large pots. A 10-speed touch pad control system allows you to easily control the fan, so all you have to worry about is answering the doorbell!

Learn more about Elica NikolaTelsa induction cooktop, and other Elica products.

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Housing’s Biggest Stage

Housing’s Biggest Stage

The NAHB’s International Builders’ Show and the NKBA’s Kitchen and Bath Show, were again held concurrently last month in Orlando. What were some of the highlights?

Home Plans. Two design aspects were particularly in demand at the 2018 show: dual owner’s suites (think multi-generational housing), and multi-elevation plan sets. Tied for most popular/top selling were: the dual master Cedar Glen II (with sibling plans Cedar Grove and Cedar Creek); and the multi-elevation Jensen plan set including the Jensen Place, Jensen Falls, and Jensen Creek plans.

Home Design Amenities. Not surprisingly, builders at this year’s show were looking for what’s new. Education sessions touted today’s trends toward family foyers with drop zones and benches, pocket offices, pet centers, prep pantries, and oversized, doorless showers as today’s must-haves – amenities appearing in Design Basics’ plans 10-15 years ago! Visitors to our booth were among the first to see some of our newest pre-trend amenities, including the innovative Stor-N-More™, Appliance Center, and Ante Room.

Developer Services. Being able to build out a varied, attractive, and cost-effective neighborhood using a small number of base floorplans with multiple elevations is a “sweet spot” with many of our land developer/home builder clients. Marketing services, such as rendered streetscapes and presentation plat maps garnered lots of attention as well.

Innovative Products. Here are a couple of our favorites*: Though they debuted previously, Brinks Home Security’s innovative “push, pull, turn” door handle sets really caught our eye. Whether your hands are full or for easier access by everyone, including the elderly, this is great technology!

The Beale MeasureFill pull-down kitchen faucet from American Standard. This innovative faucet delivers an exact volume of water – from half-cup to five cups – with a turn of the dial. A great time and energy saver when the faucet dispenses just the right amount of water! (photo courtesy: American Standard)

The IBS is the National Association of Home Builders’ premier event, made possible by the approximately 1500 exhibitors. Design Basics’ ongoing support of NAHB was recognized through identifying Design Basics as 1 of just 60 exhibitors belonging to the IBS Quarter Century Exhibitors club. In fact, Design Basics was the only major home plan design service exhibiting at the 2018 IBS!

Make plans to attend 2019 IBS in Las Vegas!

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Curb the #1 Energy Loss in Homes

By focusing on energy efficiency, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, sulfer dioxide, and nitrogen oxides) by thousands of pounds per year. Great strides have been made in insulating walls, window quality, and furnace efficiency. But, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, air duct leakage is the #1 home energy loss.

Aeroseal® manufactures an aerosol sealant that is sprayed into your ductwork to seal leaks from the inside. Safe and nontoxic, Aeroseal has actually been shown to enhance indoor air quality. Improved delivery of conditioned air means rooms that were hard to keep warm in the winter/cool in the summer are usually more comfortable while saving you money every month on your utility bills.

According to Aeroseal, “On average, 30 cents of every $1 you spend on heating and cooling your home or building disappears into thin air due to duct leaks.” With more of the air you paid to heat or cool reaching the registers, you may find yourself actually lowering the thermostat.

Another benefit can be noise reduction—with the furnace and/or air conditioner running less.

Learn more about Aeroseal products.


Smarter Windows and Doors

Smarter Windows and Doors

The new Insynctive™ technology by Pella® is leading the way with smart window and door products that make life easier for your customers. Insynctive wireless Window and Door Sensors relay information to a compatible home automation system via the Insynctive Bridge. Homeowners can check whether their windows are open or closed from virtually anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Insynctive Entry Door Deadbolt Sensor can be integrated into a new Pella entry door. If the entry door is left open or unlocked, a compatible home automation system will let you know.

Couldn’t remember if your Garage Door was left open? Your smart device can bring you peace of mind. Ready for bed? You won’t have to get up to close your blinds or shades — program them to automatically lower at bedtime. In a home theater room, blinds and shades can be programmed to raise and lower when your home automation system raises and lowers the lights. The comfort of your home is enhanced when blinds and shades and doors with Insynctive technology are connected with other products through a compatible home automation system — to get the most out of life and the home where you live it.

Learn more about Pella’s Insynctive technology by visiting their website:

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Value = Practical + Aesthetic

Value = Practical + Aesthetic

Recessed “can” light fixtures solved the issue of evenly-dispersed illumination throughout a room that a typical light fixture suspended in the center of the room could not achieve, and eliminated having to clean those suspended lighting fixtures. But, recessed can lights are notoriously “leaky” in terms of air movement through the ceilings and associated energy loss. Then there’s the fact that the ceiling framing lumber will dictate where the can lights can and cannot be placed. And while tall ceilings are known for adding drama, that drama shouldn’t extend to changing those hard-to-reach recessed can light bulbs!

ilumigreenWafer-thin iLumigreen LED Downlights look and perform just like recessed can lights, but there’s no recessed fixture and therefore no cutting the ceiling and no energy loss. Rather, these 3.5 ounce downlights simply screw into the ceiling drywall, meaning you can place them anywhere you want. Choose from straight down or angled lights for cathedral ceilings; black, white, or satin finish; and color temperatures ranging from warm white to cool white to daylight. And because they are LED, they will last a very long time while using less electricity.

Stylish innovation that’s kind to Mother Nature and just makes sense…it’s not surprising that iLumigreen is a woman-owned and woman-led company!

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