In response to the unparalleled economic events of the past seven years and in an effort to mitigate damaging financial impact on our families, we have all made difficult choices. Many of us have chosen to once again support our adult children and put a roof over their heads. An increasing number of us are meeting the financial and emotional needs of our aging parents as well. In addition, continued rising health care costs coupled with governmental legislation and increased life expectancy pretty much insure that family care will continue to be increasingly important. These factors, and others, will undoubtedly provide additional fuel to the growing number of non-traditional, and multi-generational families.

Such shifts in family behavior will change the way many of us view our homes. Existing housing stock that simply can’t meet our increased needs will be overlooked. Thoughtful designs that might help us cope with life’s new responsibilities will become expected. For example, redundant spaces may be traded for spaciousness, wider halls and wider doors can create hidden barrier freedom. Thoughtful placement of rooms and adaptability in function that can help us meet the challenge of changing family needs will become necessary livability criteria. Successfully equipped new home designs will not simply target one specific life cycle but allow themselves to morph simply and easily as we travel through life’s chapters.

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This is the first design in a series created to address these current and future issues. This thoughtful 2,350 sq. ft. home has been designed to provide a safe welcoming environment for today’s young family. Hidden assets have been included specifically to help a young family manage some of life’s potential challenges while encouraging family interaction, convenient sharing of parental responsibilities and of course that all–important and necessary quiet, relaxing “Me Time”.
Let’s walk through the plan:
Main Level Floor Plan
Guest and Family entries are clustered to maximize space efficiency and control clutter. Three coat closets, large laundry and today’s necessary “Drop Zone” (for keys, mail and personal gadgets), identify this hard working area. The stair is tucked off to the side, so it doesn’t inhibit the guest’s impressive sightlines. It is flooded with sunlight and is designed to break possible falls at three landings! The first floor suite doubles as a private study but invites grandma’s extended stays if needed, with a spacious bath with discrete and stylish accessibility. The rear oriented family center is huge, inviting multiple chefs, family meals, parent-guided island study and supervised recreation inside and out.

Upstairs parents share a spacious retreat that can even include a 2nd laundry… But the best is a wonderful family lounge with beverage/TV center perfect for family movie and game nights or even supervised group study sessions.

Optional layout with bedrooms 4 and 5
Optional layout with bedrooms 4 and 5

Assets at a Glance –

  • Cost effective compact, stacked plan, only fifty feet wide with three simple, flat sides putting all design impact street side.
  • Oversized garage, perfect for workshop and storage for all family toys and sports gear.
  • 4′-wide halls and 3′-wide doors for hidden accessibility.
  • Accessible first floor suite perfect for families blessed with grandparent’s visits or to help an active family cope with an unexpected sports injury.
  • This staircase is safe! With twists and turns this economical carpeted stair will undoubtedly break terrifying falls.
  • Tons of storage and drop zone.
  • Rear-oriented family center with open kitchen and lots of windows designed for supervised outdoor play.
  • Family center is perfect for entertaining, interacting and sharing kitchen duty.
  • Three full baths, no redundant 1/2 bath.
  • Future bonus space or bunk room with pre-designed fourth bath and two additional bedrooms.
  • Unique second floor family lounge.

This “Young Family” home is a perfect blend of economy, livability and style with hidden assets designed to help manage life’s unexpected challenges. You simply won’t find these amenities available in existing houses.

To view the home plans discussed above, visit our website Plan Search page and choose Scholz Design as the Designer.

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