No, we’re not commenting on your housekeeping skills! The ‘dirty office’ concept is merely a secluded storage area off your home office designed to store office supplies, files, and equipment that need not be public.

Dirty home office locationIn today’s economy, there are nearly 40 million home-based businesses in the U.S. today, and an increasing number of households are operating more than one business from their home. It’s not surprising there’s heightened interest in home designs well suited to two separate home offices.

Top considerations:

  • Locating the home office with convenient access
  • Near a bathroom (and, not the kids’ bath!)
  • Provide desired privacy levels, sufficient storage space, and adequate lighting

Home offices should be inviting and especially if you welcome visitors into your home office. Who wants to see your new printer or cases of soda stacked in the corner?  Imagine a walk-in closet re-purposed–just be sure there’s proper lighting and plenty of outlets!

Featured: Leinart plan #29336
Many plans with an optional bedroom/flex room can be re-purposed to the ‘dirty office’ concept. View all our plans.

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