Have you ever thought about your specifications sheet as a marketing tool?  Isn’t the intention to present how you build your homes and the included features as a way to differentiate your company and position you as the “best choice”?

Spec sheets are like laundry/mud rooms – an often overlooked necessity, but they can be so much more! It all comes down to reading your specifications sheet from the home buyer’s perspective. Avoid industry lingo and be sure to deliver the benefits, not just the specifications themselves. Examples:

  • Engineered roof trusses 24” on center reduce expensive jobsite framing waste, create a more solid roof system, and make better use of our wood natural resources.
  • Continuous vented aluminum soffit helps keep roof temperatures cooler in the summer, reducing demand for air conditioning and utility costs. Matching aluminum fascia and eave troughs are maintenance-free and the downspouts for your home swing up and out of the way for ease of yard work.
  • The galvanized metal heating ducts in our homes are more durable, provide the most unrestricted airflow, and can be cleaned easier than cheaper duct board.
  • One-piece fiberglass tub in bathrooms mean less time spent cleaning. What would you do with a little extra time?
  • PEX water lines are used throughout your home delivering hot water more quickly than copper plumbing lines. In addition, PEX will expand if the water inside the lines freezes, then return to its original size/shape when the water has thawed, reducing the likelihood of frozen pipes bursting and causing a water catastrophe in your new home.
  • The oak trim in your new home is more than beautiful, it also resists nicks, scuffs, and scratches much better than softer woods typically used.
  • Cultured marble bathroom vanity tops are easy-care and come in a choice of colors.
  • Standard extension door slides on all drawers make easy work of reaching everything in the cabinet drawers.
  • Steel insulated front entrance door won’t rot, split, or warp.
  • R-50 blown insulation on straight or vaulted ceilings provides our highest level of insulation performance and conserves natural resources.

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