Oftentimes the closet is the forgotten space–throw up some rods and maybe a few shelves and call it good. But, it doesn’t have to be boring. Why not make it your own and give it some flair AND functionality?

Storage can be Beautiful!

Who said closets have to be off-white with a few rods, shelves, and a cheap light fixture? Especially if you have a nice-sized walk-in closet, don’t be afraid to have fun with color! Accessory pieces such as baskets also express “you,” and padded or wooden hangers are a reminder that your closet is more than a mere storage area.  A lack of electrical outlets becomes a source of irritation. And when the lighting solution is a naked bulb showcasing a $5 fixture, you can do better.

Never Run Out of Storage

Well-designed closet storage systems can actually hold twice as much as the standard rod and shelf approach. In addition, storage systems help you organize your stuff…and your life! Some closet systems offer interchangeable accessories allowing you to tailor the storage as your needs change.

Have a Seat

Few things are as handy as having a place to sit down when dressing. If your closet has a window, it presents a perfect location for a seat. The natural light is wonderful, and you wouldn’t have hanging or shelving in front of the window. Build the seat with a hinged top for added storage or perhaps a place to discretely store a safe for your valuables.

Owner’s Suite Closet Placement

It is somewhat surprising how strong people’s opinions are on access to the owner’s bedroom closet. Fans of transitioning to the closet from the bathroom point out they can get ready for the day without waking their mate from the inevitable treks-across-the-bedroom between the bathroom and closet. Individuals who prefer a separate entrance to the closet from the bedroom often cite concerns over excess humidity from the bathroom damaging clothes. Solution: Keep them separate so you don’t have to trek through one to get to the other.

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(Photo courtesy Organized Living)

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