John Gerlach, a retired military civil engineer, purchased the Design Basics’ Amanda (plan #3381) and worked with our designers to make desired alterations, such as moving the master bath and bedroom for added privacy. But, the changes that really make his home stand out are the ‘green’ ones.

design-bascis-gerlach-home-re-sideDrawing on his background in civil engineering, Gerlach was knowledgeable of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards and the process for a home to be certified. Stationed in Europe for four years, he became familiar with the energy- and cost-efficiency (and comfort) of heated floors. He started with incorporating a reinforced concrete basement using #4 and #5 bars* for durability. By installing a reverse geothermal* process (provides both heating and cooling of the home), solar panels, and a gas fireplace, monthly utility costs were substantially reduced–his last electric and gas bills were each just $17!

The planning began in June of 2013, with construction completed in early 2014. The result is a beautiful home with enviable energy efficiency. And, the home, which was built in Niagara County, New York, is now rated Silver LEED-certified and qualifies for zero or reduced county taxes for up to nine years!

Interior of Master Bedroom and Bathroom within Gerlach residence

As mentioned, Gerlach worked with Design Basics’ plan alterations specialists to flip the layout of the master bedroom, placing the bathroom and closet to the rear, and swapping out the whirlpool tub for a spacious walk-in shower.

Dining room of Gerlach residence

Interior view of dining room, living room, and stairs within Gerlach residence

While all floors on the main level are heated using the geothermal system, only the fireplace is powered by gas.

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*We do not endorse construction materials suppliers; this reference is for educational purposes only.

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