Our Livability at a Glance™ color coding for floor plans helps you quickly identify how each area of the home can be utilized. Areas shaded green are identified as flexible spaces designed to easily adapt to changing family situations–meeting both current and future needs. Rooms that can be multi-purpose or envisioned differently allow the home to be tailored to your specific needs. While some may want a third bedroom, others might use the space as a den, music room, or hobby area. Home designs with natural flex areas adapt well to changing life stages.

Furn Livibility at a Glance Layout

Tip 1: Consider installing drywall and electrical outlets in unfinished areas during construction for easy future finishing as needs arise.

Being able to combine a bedroom and a private bath makes a great suite. Taken one step further, some designs with a pair of adjacent secondary bedrooms can be converted into a suite with both a sleeping area and its own living space–ideal for an independent in-law or guest suite.

Perhaps there’s an area just off the kitchen. Parents may see this as a play area for young children, while others envision a hobby or craft room. Other ideas include a planning center, pocket office, pet center, or added food prep area.

Tip 2: Opting for a third stall in your garage is great flex space!

Whether you have a teen driver, hobby car, fishing boat, or just want more storage,the third stall can change with the times. Also, consider taking control of your garage environment with garage storage and organization products. This will not only keep your things in order, but also allow you more space and not be an eyesore. Additional things to consider in garage design: floor drain, water spigot, heating, and added lighting and electrical outlets.

Lifestyle and family situations change, as do specific needs and wants for space in our homes. You may not need this space when you first move in, but it will give you room to add a bedroom, media room, home office, playroom, etc. Being able to configure these spaces as the need arises is true flexibility.

Tip 3: Unfinished areas of the home, particularly over the garage or in a basement can ensure you don’t outgrow your new home.
(Duchene plan 42142 below.)

Design Basics Home Plan 42142ul lg

While flexible living doesn’t change the footprint of the home, it does encourage looking for ways to change spaces to meet a particular need. The use of a given space is sometimes only limited by your imagination!

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