It seems that now more than ever, we’re looking for ways to focus on the thing we value most. So is it any wonder that between the hustle and bustle of work, school, activities, etc., we’re looking forward to some downtime at home? A natural outcome of this is an emphasis on discovering “special places” in the home that add comfort, convenience, and points of personal refuge.

These special places range anywhere from a work space for gardening, scrapbooking, or repairs to a get-away room such as a den, sitting room, or sun porch. These places allow us to take a “mini-vacation” or a brief retreat without leaving home.

Whether it’s a longing for permanence in a rapidly changing world or roots that have grown deep from spending more time at home, many of us are looking for homes we can stay in long-term. For that reason we may look for homes with flexible spaces that can change as our needs change, such as a loft that can be used as a playroom, computer area, or den.

Consider these special places to…

  • Gather: a comfortable, cozy hearth room.
  • Get Away: the quiet solitude of a master suite sitting room.
  • Work: a home office for getting down to business.
  • Use However You Choose: flexible space in a finished room over the garage.
  • Play: keeping the rest of the home tidy—a playroom for the kids.

Think big-picture, long-term. Don’t limit yourself—your home can incorporate several special places depending on your needs, wants. Sit back and imagine yourself in the different areas of the home. How would you like that space to live? Is there a special place that’s “missing” from your design? Don’t feel that you’re locked in by the four walls. If our selection of 3,000 floor plans doesn’t exactly fit your needs, custom changes are available…you can make a house your home.

The Duchene (Plan #42142) offers multiple special places for you to make your own. The flex room off the front entry could be used as a den, office, or hobby room; the upper level offers a “future expansion” space above the garage, which can be used as storage, a playroom, or a family lounge.

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