Last week we introduced the concept of creating special places in your home. Places that suit your needs, lifestyle, and family dynamic; such as places to gather, get away, and work. Let’s take a closer look at special places to work.

When we hear the word ‘work’, the first thought that usually comes to mind is employment or office work, but it could mean a work space for other activities. Whether the task is potting plants, building models, woodworking, or restoring automobiles, handy people need handy places to work. And, these spaces don’t have to be relegated to the garage, back porch, or corner of the basement—they can be designed deliberately for your special place to work. Think about storage, type of work space, and lighting. How much space will you need and where is the ideal location for your work space?

Perhaps your special place to work is actually an office. Whether you work out of your home, bring work home often, or prefer a space for household management, there are many options and design aspects to consider.

If the office will receive regular outside traffic from clients or deliveries, consider a separate entrance or have the office located near the front door. Also, a conveniently located powder room for clients so they aren’t trekking through your home. Plan for proper lighting such as window coverings and strategically placed light fixtures. With wireless connections and advancements in technology, having several electrical outlets and phone/cable hook-ups are pretty much a thing of the past. But, you will still need a main power source, so make sure outlets are conveniently located.

See Plan #2898 – the Lawler (featured) for an example office space with separate entrance.

In lieu of a room dedicated for an office, you may only need a work station or small area for managing the day-to-day activities of your household. If so, a ‘pocket office’ may be the answer. A pocket office is a space considerably smaller than a traditional den or home office (freeing up square footage in your home for other uses), yet with all of the amenities and privacy need to get work done efficiently. (See Design Basics’ Plan #42240 – the Bassett for an example of a pocket office.)

To view more home plans with ‘work’ spaces, check out our Plan Search page. Also, for home office inspiration, read Creating a Woman-Centric Home Office.

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