What does the term ‘play’ mean to you? Oftentimes when designing a home for a family we automatically think of a playroom for the children. But, a room for ‘play’ can take on a different meaning – think a hobby room for sewing, scrapbooking, or jewelry making, or even a fitness center.

Having a separate, organized room allows hobbyists to make the most of small amounts of spare time without feeling rushed to complete a project. Consider the seamstress who must drag out a portable sewing machine, set it up on the dining room table, cut out fabric on the living room floor, and then rush to finish the project so the household can return to normal. What a difference a dedicated hobby room would make!

Many of us are more likely to exercise if we have a convenient space designed specifically for that purpose. If your time is limited and you’d prefer to not join a gym, an in-home fitness center may be the answer! Besides planning for the basics – proper flooring, adequate space for equipment, A/V needs – location in the home is key. If it is to be used by the whole family, a convenient location for everyone to access is ideal. If it’s a personal exercise space, a room off the master suite would be a fitting location.

And, not to be ignored, an actual playroom for the kids. By having a room where children are free to make messes, be noisy, and have fun, they learn and grow and make endless happy memories. Having a separate room for play reserves bedrooms for peaceful activities such as reading and sleeping. Playrooms don’t have to be elaborate, but some simple ideas can make them more practical – magnetic/chalkboard paints and corkboard wall coverings for creative play and showcasing artwork;  boxes, bins, and baskets for storing toys. Consider adding in a study area for older children to complete homework.

The Pembrook (Plan #24007, featured) presents a combination playroom/study area on the upper level, near the secondary bedrooms. As children age, the playroom can become a gathering area for teens and/or the family. Many of our plans offer a bonus or flex space as well as unfinished space, perfect for designing as your ‘play’ room. Search home plans.

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