Newest Amenity: Appliance Center

Newest Amenity: Appliance Center

Problem: It seems everyone’s goal is clutter-free countertops. Yet, small appliances (e.g., toaster, coffee maker, rice cooker, fondue pot, etc.) are must-haves; and they can be a pain to store and retrieve when needed!

Solution: Lead designer Carl Cuozzo has been designing Appliance Centers in high-end custom homes for years. From waffle makers and espresso machines to crock-pots and woks, today’s home buyers have lots of small appliances. Carl has found the ideal location for the appliance center is just outside the main kitchen, with storage above and below, and plenty of electrical outlets.

Consider how we live: Health-conscious individuals use their blenders–a lot; and stand mixers are bulky and heavy. The bottom line is that we want the convenience of ready access for our most-used small appliances without cluttering our kitchen counters.

Appliance Center shown in the Dandridge plan #42365.

Cooking without Grease Odor

Cooking without Grease Odor

From the company that pioneered mixing cutting edge design with innovative range hood technology, comes a new idea in stress-free cooking. Elica’s NikolaTesla induction cooktop is designed to make cooking and clean-up a hassle-free process. Elica incorporated the standard, highly desirable qualities of an induction cooktop such as rapid boil and easy cleaning, and took it one step farther by integrating a fully functional range hood into the cooktop itself. The central fan replaces the typical range hood and gathers grease and odors without compromising design. It also has a built-in double bridge function that combines two adjacent cooking zones to adjust for large pots. A 10-speed touch pad control system allows you to easily control the fan, so all you have to worry about is answering the doorbell!

Learn more about Elica NikolaTelsa induction cooktop, and other Elica products.

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No Warming Drawer, No Problem

Whether it’s a big family meal or formal dinner party, keeping food hot while you’re trying to get everyone around the table has long been a challenge. Viking Range has come up with a delicious solution with their 18-inch wide under-counter Incogneeto™ Induction Warmer that mounts directly under your stone or engineered stone countertop, transforming that portion of your countertop into a food warmer. The Incogneeto works with cookware that has an induction compatible base and features Automatic Pan Detection so there is no heating when the pan or bakeware is not present. Viking claims the Incogneeto can hold food to within +/- 2° F and has four temperature settings: 150°, 160°, 175°, and 190°. Best of all, the unit mounts underneath your counter with no drilling or cutting of the stone needed!

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Reduce the Spread of Germs with Touch-Activated

Reduce the Spread of Germs with Touch-Activated

It’s just common sense, there’s a reason every time you wash your hands. Yet prior to each wash, you’re grabbing the faucet handle – that collector for all of the previous bacteria and germs you needed to wash off! Auto grease…raw fish and poultry…chemicals…what residue has built up on your bathroom and kitchen faucet handles? Touch-activated faucets to the rescue, such as Delta’s models with their Touch20® Technology. Simply touch anywhere on the faucet spout or handle to turn on and off. The faucet will deliver the same settings (flow rate and temperature) as the previous use. Powered by six AA or six C batteries, LEDs around the base flash red to indicate low battery; or choose the optional AC adaptor.

For more information on touch-free faucets, visit:

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Kitchen Jewelry

Kitchen Jewelry

Your hardware, such as cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls, speaks volumes about you. Sometimes referred to as the “jewelry of the kitchen,” you can enhance or even create a special look that is distinctly you.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, you’ll know what I mean by “frosting.” In the movie they’re talking about diamonds–“Whoa, would you check out her frosting?” Now, think of your hardware as the “frosting” for your kitchen. It’s the final element that gives it that WOW factor!

Hardware styles run the gamut from traditional to modernist, colors from subtle to vibrant and materials from wood and metal to porcelain and glass. And, unlike many of the choices in building new or remodeling, your hardware selections can really make a statement without blowing the budget. Whether you are emphasizing elegance, adding a fun color, or showcasing a sleek art deco design, the hardware you choose is the perfect finishing touch–or, “frosting.”

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