Stealth Kitchen

Hidden in plan sight (Margo*)

Do you value uncompromised views and uncluttered design? The Stealth Kitchen Module from YesterTec® Kitchen Works combines high functionality with sleek design. The modules allow you to only expose what you want, when you want - and the rest stays hidden. Tucked away behind attractive panels that are designed to blend in, unnoticed, with the rest of your decor, is your entire kitchen. No time to clean your kitchen before guests arrive? No problem. All your guests will see is uncompromised design, not bulky kitchen appliances or clutter. 

Handcrafted Kitchen (Claire*)

Kitchen appliances disguised as beautiful furniture? It's true! YesterTec's line of handcrafted kitchen workstation furniture effortlessly transforms bulky kitchen appliances into one of a kind kitchen decor. Each piece of furniture is designed to disguise your appliances as custom built-in furniture. YesterTec expands on the design idea of panel-ready refrigerators by making each piece look like a customized piece of furniture, not a kitchen appliance. The result is high quality, formal design without the sacrifice of kitchen functionality.

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Photos courtesy of YesterTec Kitchen Works.
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