Woman-Centric Matters!®, a division of Design Basics, LLC, is a powerful business approach and education platform that teaches businesses how to become remarkable by transforming their attitudes and practices based on the woman’s perspective. According to Smith-Dahmer Associates, NAHB IBS, women directly purchase or have controlling influence in the purchase of 91% of all new homes. With this statistic in mind, taking a Woman-Centric approach means designing everything from her perspective. And, at its core, is understanding your female customers so innately that you can anticipate what they want before they even ask!

What is a Woman-Centric Home?

Our Woman-Centric approach is derived from customer feedback as well as real-life experiences, mostly from our women customers. We’ve been inspired to design homes with innovative solutions for enhanced livability and style; as such, we have a keen understanding and appreciation for women’s preferences for their home.
In addition, we help home builders and remodelers use this approach to take the customer’s experience from stressful to delightful…and, accomplish more with their marketing dollars!

Designing from a Woman’s Perspective

Our Woman-Centric approach takes home design to a whole new level. A Woman-Centric home is not only designed by square footage, number of bedrooms, or home style; it considers how a home lives and specific buyer preferences. Through our extensive research we developed two unique approaches to designing from a woman’s perspective:

Livability at a Glance™

livability at a glanceWomen told us there are four primary ‘lenses’ they use when looking at a home and its suitability for her household. This led Design Basics to introduce Livability at a Glance and color-code our floor plans to make it even easier to envision how the home lives. These areas are identified as: Entertaining, De-Stressing, Storing, and Flexibility. Take our Livability Quiz to find out which lenses are most desirable to you and your household.

Finally About Me®

Taking a Woman-Centric approach to residential design and building just makes sense. But obviously not all women are the same. Design Basics’ research identified there are actually four primary ‘personas’ that better describe and predict an individual’s preferences when it comes to a home – its design and products featured. To make it easier to remember, Design Basics even named the four personas! Knowing which persona best describes you can save you and your builder many hours in getting just the right home plan and product selections for your home. Take our Finally About Me Quiz today!

What has the Woman-Centric Approach done for home builders?

Homes designed from a woman’s perspective = increased livability and style:

  • Women are the sole or primary decision makers in 91% of new home purchases.
  • Women use four lenses when evaluating a home’s “livability.”
  • Women value and appreciate products and amenities for style, performance, reliability, and maintenance differently than men.
  • Does your marketing show you truly appreciate her perspective, or that you merely want her business?

LEARN MORE to SELL MORE – Become a Certified Woman-Centric Builder today!


Find out why builders that have adopted a Woman-Centric approach are setting all-time sales records!

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