Design Basics to Debut New House Plans at the Sunbelt Builders Show

Design Basics to Debut New House Plans at the Sunbelt Builders Show

Design Basics will be exhibiting at the 20th Sunbelt Builders Show, July 13-16.  Produced by the Texas Association of Builders, the 2021 Show will take place at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. 

“Emerging from the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic and all of the virtual meetings, we’re looking forward to in-person being with top building professionals from Texas and surrounding states,” said Patrick Carmichael, COO of Design Basics, and one of the exhibit team. Carmichael will be joined in the booth by Senior Designer Carl Cuozzo and Director of Business Development Paul Foresman.

In addition to showcasing brand-new house plans as well as some of the company’s most popular home designs, Cuozzo will be offering builders suggestions for making their existing home designs more marketable. Design Basics is encouraging attendees to bring one of their current house plans to the Design Basics booth where he and the builder will review the plan, identifying ways in which the home design might be modified for improved livability, style, and cost-effectiveness.

Foresman’s focus in Design Basics’ booth is geared towards helping builders market and sell more homes while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction. The company’s turn-key programs such as Neighborhood In a Box® and Woman-Centric Matters!® combine home design with innovative marketing solutions.

All four of the residential design firms making up the Design Basics family will be represented at the Sunbelt Builders Show: Carmichael & Dame Designs, Scholz Design Texas, Plan Pros, and Design Basics.  Builders wanting to attend the Show can take advantage of the 50% off coupon below. Before, and after the Show, the Design Basics team will be meeting with area home builders interested in evolving their home design portfolios with fresh new design concepts and amenities. Builders interested in meeting with the Design Basics team can call (800) 947-7526 to schedule a private meeting for July 12th, 13th, or 16th.

Sunbelt Builders Show
It’s Time! Join Design Basics at the NAHB IBSx Virtual Experience

It’s Time! Join Design Basics at the NAHB IBSx Virtual Experience

The International Builders Show is open!  And for the 34th time in the last 35 years, Design Basics is debuting new home designs and more at the NAHB’s premier event for home building professionals. 

In addition to showcasing brand-new and top-selling home plans, Design Basics premiered videos within its virtual exhibit booth, introduced Evolving Home Design II, the company’s hot-off-the-press home plan publication, and launched the newly-expanded Neighborhood In A Box® turnkey solution for builders and land developers.

IBS Booth Photo

Tuesday’s live, in-booth virtual presentations included Carl Cuozzo, Senior Designer, demonstrating how Design Basics’ home plan makeover service can revitalize older designs; as well as Paul Foresman discussing the many ways builders benefit from the company’s Builder-Centric preferred customer program.

The schedule of upcoming in-booth presentations includes:

  • Home Plan Makeover (Wednesday, 12:00pm Eastern),
  • Neighborhood In A Box (Wednesday, 2:00pm Eastern),
  • Woman-Centric Matters! (Thursday, 12:00pm Eastern),
  • Home Plan Makeover (Thursday, 2:00pm Eastern),

Additionally, a recorded presentation on customizing home plans is available on-demand at the booth.

Booth visitors are able to chat with company representatives and schedule one-on-one meetings with the most appropriate company team members.  Attendees can also request a complimentary copy of the printed Evolving Home Design II publication, and save lots of money with the company’s home plan Show Special exclusively for building professionals visiting Design Basics booth.

There’s still time for builders to register and attend the IBSx for free, by clicking on the link below.  We hope to see you at the IBSx!

IBSx Logo
It’s Time! Join Design Basics at the NAHB IBSx Virtual Experience

Join Design Basics at the NAHB IBSx Virtual Experience

Design Basics first started participating at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® in 1987, and with the exception of 2009, has exhibited every year. In fact, Design Basics has been recognized as the only home plan design firm to be a part of the IBS “Quarter Century Exhibitor Club.”

In January 2020, Design Basics and more than 1,400 other exhibitors welcomed 65,000 home building professionals to the IBS, which is one of the largest trade shows in the world.

IBS Booth Photo

Known for new product introductions and top-notch educational sessions, the IBS offers attendees numerous opportunities to enhance their businesses and the homes they build. Numerous innovations, recognized years later as some of the hottest trends in home building, first debuted at the IBS.

For 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IBS will be 100% virtual. Known this year as the IBSx, even more home builders can attend. Without travel limitations to attend the in-person show, there’s no reason to miss out on the Expo – click here to get your FREE 4-Day Exhibit-Only pass to the 2021 IBSx Virtual Experience (though a paid registration is required if wanting to sit in on the show’s educational sessions).

All attendees can check out the exhibitor virtual booths, and Design Basics is no exception! There, visitors can view our “New for 2021” home plans, our brand new home plan catalog, and more! Our video, Home Design Headaches, will debut in the virtual booth, and visitors can attend any of our virtual sessions on new home design and marketing. In addition to “chatting” online with our staff, our booth visitors can talk with us face-to-face via video calls or schedule an online meeting with the most appropriate member(s) of our team. There is also a money-saving Show Special visitors won’t want to miss!

Just as the Coronavirus has impacted how we live in, design (have you seen our newest design amenity, the Sanctuary Space™?), and build homes, the 2021 IBSx ushers in new opportunities for thriving in these uncertain times. Participating in the IBSx helps keep home building and the NAHB strong, as together we shape the future of American Housing.

If You Need “Me Space” – Sanctuary!

If You Need “Me Space” – Sanctuary!

This is a high priority among today’s home buyers, whether spoken or not. We long for such a space in our homes, particularly in light of COVID-19 limitations. “Me space” in the home, whether it’s exercising… prayer/meditation… reading... whatever you like to do to relax, re-center, or recharge.

Pandemic fatigue set in for many of us working from home and learning remotely. While most of us found ways to adapt our homes to the realities COVID ushered in, we kept hearing things like parents hiding out in their bathrooms for a few minutes of sanity. Along with work from home and remote learning solutions, personal space took on heightened importance.

Sanctuary Defined Block

In response, we’ve started incorporating a Sanctuary Space™ – your private getaway, directly off your bedroom suite – in select home plans. For example, in the Trufant (plan #29323, below), the 9-foot by 15-foot outdoor storage area can become your Sanctuary Space! Bathed in healthy, natural light and afforded maximum privacy, such a space in your home may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Trufant - #29323 Sanctuary Space Option
Trufant - #29323

Intrigued by this concept? Looking for ways to combat fatigue, increase energy levels, and improve your outlook on life? Ask us about incorporating a Sanctuary Space in a design(s) you’re interested in!

For more ideas on Sanctuary Space in home design, see also: I Need My Space!

For more resources on thoughtful design and products:

America’s Premier Woman-Centric Home Designer

America’s Premier Woman-Centric Home Designer

What began as a discussion in January 2003, traveling back from the NAHB International Builders’ Show, has turned out to be one of the most powerful drivers in residential design – a Woman-Centric approach. Design Basics was already at that time one of the largest home plan design firms, yet something was missing. We were seeking and getting great feedback about our home plans from customers – mostly professional builders. Builders loved our home designs and provided valuable insights, positive and negative, into how to make them even better.

But we weren’t enjoying such communication with the home buyers, and in particular, we weren’t hearing much from women about our designs. Could it be that men and women looked at a home’s design differently?

Couple reviewing design

Most architects are men. Most engineers are men. Most home builders are men. Most home building tradespeople are men. Did the sexes look at total square footage differently? Not really, though it’s always a consideration. The home design’s influence on cost-per-square-foot? While price is important, that wasn’t a key differentiator. How about an energy-efficient, green home? That interested both genders, though men were more likely to brag about it.

Without realizing it, as we later came to recognize, the comments and suggestions we had been receiving from our trade customers were mostly being relayed through a set of “male filters.” We purposely embarked on a mission to achieve an ever-greater understanding of, and appreciation for, women’s preferences in the home. Women told us about things they would change if they could regarding home design and construction as well as things they would do differently if they could do it all over again. They also pointed out design challenges that had no obvious solution, but still caused frustration and sometimes regret.

Through focus groups, one-on-one interviews, observing how women overcame design deficiencies in their homes, asking lots of questions and listening – really listening – Design Basics was inspired to develop homes with increased livability and style. Author Marti Barletta had identified that women’s value equation demanded both function and aesthetics. There would be no more entering the home from the garage through a laundry/mudroom. There was a new appreciation for storage, and that storage can be beautiful. Women were tired of dusting big, unused bathtubs. Pets were part of the family, too, and pet accommodations were an important aspect of home design.

We also learned that perhaps even more important than function and form was the two-sided coin of social design: “What this home says about me,” and “How this home makes me feel about myself.” We reveal ourselves – our beliefs, what we care about, who we are – through our homes. The exact same dollar investment in windows might be used to create a remarkable window wall with dreamy views out the back, or to provide standard-size windows on two sides of multiple rooms in the home for increased light levels and cross breezes.

Our research uncovered the four primary “lenses” women reported using to judge a home design’s suitability for her and her household. This became the basis for Livability at a Glance™, using color coding on the floorplans to identify areas corresponding to each of those lenses. As we started to design homes through these lenses, we, too, began to “see” design differently. We even developed a fun online quiz that identifies which lens is most important to you – and your future home – which you can take here.

livability logo
Livability at a Glance Image

Color coded floor plans bring the Livability at a Glance concept to life, making it easier to appreciate design elements and envision how this home ‘lives.’ (pictured: Locklear Grove – plan #42314)

The marketplace has voted. With their dollars. Woman-Centric home designs are seen as different, and better. In obvious and not-so-obvious ways, women’s feedback has inspired so many design amenities that solve real-world problems, like getting the entire family out the door on time in the morning with everything, contributing to a less stressful morning. Design Basics has been recognized for industry-leading design innovation, but really, it’s simply designing solutions to challenges that women brought to our attention.

Whether the basis for new home design or modifying an existing home plan for enhanced livability and style, Woman-Centric home design is how we help buyers get the best home for their investment. Woman-Centric home design is having a profound impact on American housing, but it’s not sexist. Rather, in the historically male-dominated home building industry, Woman-Centric design is helping return the pendulum of home design to a more gender-neutral position, appreciating everyone in the household.

For more resources on thoughtful design and products:

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