This is a high priority among today’s home buyers, whether spoken or not. We long for such a space in our homes, particularly in light of COVID-19 limitations. “Me space” in the home, whether it’s exercising… prayer/meditation… reading... whatever you like to do to relax, re-center, or recharge.

Pandemic fatigue set in for many of us working from home and learning remotely. While most of us found ways to adapt our homes to the realities COVID ushered in, we kept hearing things like parents hiding out in their bathrooms for a few minutes of sanity. Along with work from home and remote learning solutions, personal space took on heightened importance.

Sanctuary Defined Block

In response, we’ve started incorporating a Sanctuary Space™ – your private getaway, directly off your bedroom suite – in select home plans. For example, in the Trufant (plan #29323, below), the 9-foot by 15-foot outdoor storage area can become your Sanctuary Space! Bathed in healthy, natural light and afforded maximum privacy, such a space in your home may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Trufant - #29323 Sanctuary Space Option
Trufant - #29323

Intrigued by this concept? Looking for ways to combat fatigue, increase energy levels, and improve your outlook on life? Ask us about incorporating a Sanctuary Space in a design(s) you’re interested in!

For more ideas on Sanctuary Space in home design, see also: I Need My Space!

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