Where do you like to go in your home to de-stress? An easy question, right? Except for the fact that the word “de-stress” means different things to different people. Many interpret de-stressing to mean relaxing, or “chilling-out” perhaps watching TV; others seek serenity, needing calm, peace, and quiet; some de-stress best doing something – exercising or hobbies; and, others think of recharging and rejuvenation when they hear de-stressing. For our emotional, mental, and physical health, de-stressing is essential and should be a priority in our homes. Among the most common de-stressing areas in the home are:

DiMarco - #50014 Owner's Retreat

DiMarco - #50014

The Owner’s Suite. Last week we discussed the many de-stressing attributes associated with the owner’s suite bathroom. But it’s the owner’s bedroom that is the go-to spot for a lot of homeowners. The location of that bedroom is an important consideration, particularly if privacy and quiet are important to you. Specifically, what rooms adjoin the owner’s bedroom? If the great room, is its big-screen TV on your shared wall? If the kitchen, is normal conversation going to disrupt your meditation? If the laundry room, will the washer and dryer noise and vibration ruin your otherwise perfect get-away? A sitting area in the owner’s suite can be a beautiful thing, especially if you like to curl up with a good book to relax. The right chair or daybed along with windows there make daytime reading more enjoyable.

Yes, that’s a see-thru fireplace, mini-fridge and wet bar in the Owner’s suite’s retreat/sitting area in the DiMarco (plan #50014)!

Tucker Terrace - #50039 ML

Tucker Terrace - #50039

Outdoor living areas, including porches, courtyards, verandas, decks, and patios, can offer both the solitude and connection to nature you’re after. The home’s design can make a huge difference, with recessed areas providing degrees of privacy from neighbors on either side. Roofs that cover some or all of an outdoor living area allow you to enjoy being outside, even when it’s raining. Even the homesite you choose can make a significant difference – do you prefer to watch sunrises or sunsets? South-facing homes with a nice rear patio may be more enjoyable than if that home faced east on hot summer afternoons/evenings. The right furniture, along with amenities such as added lights and ceiling fans, help create the perfect place.

The Tucker Terrace (plan #50039) provides privacy from neighbors on both sides on its 16’ x 7’ covered rear patio as well as a sunroom.

Sunrooms. Our bodies are wired to seek out daylight, and sunrooms, which in addition to having multiple windows on two or three sides and oftentimes skylights, are a fabulous alternative to outdoor living spaces in colder climates as they can be used year-round. Many colorful and fragrant plants and flowers thrive in sunroom environments, and those sensory inputs can also help alleviate stress. Akin to outdoor living space, sunrooms allow you to bathe in sunlight’s Vitamin D, and that sunlight also triggers the brain's release of serotonin, which can both improve our overall mood as well as helping to calm us.

Crocket - #50032 Hobby Room

Crocket - #50032

Flex rooms. Prayer. Yoga. Reading. Crafts and hobbies. Exercise. Flex rooms are meant to be tailored for how you want your home to live and make natural de-stressing areas. They may be dedicated to de-stressing (e.g., an inspiration room) or dual purpose, such as a larger laundry room with an area for hobbies and crafts.

The Crocket (plan #50032) offers a generous hobby space in the laundry room where creations can be crafted yet need not be cleaned up from the dining room table or cleared away when guests arrive.

Personal space(s) for De-stressing is an important aspect of your home's design. Not only the location, but also the design and livability of that space are equally important. When you choose a plan from Design Basics, our Plan Specialists can assist you with identifying, or customizing, a personal space in the home's design.

Next week we'll present ideas for De-stressing in laundry room and rear entry foyer design.

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