Embrace Women’s Preferences

Embrace Women’s Preferences

It’s a marketing trifecta: “know thy customer”; industry leadership; and having the best products and services. Each of those three distinctions is a powerful reason for home buyers to choose a particular builder. Combined, they make the case that that builder is remarkable.

The intersection of those three distinctions can happen when a builder truly comes to embrace women’s preferences in the home. As detailed in previous blog posts, women think differently about their homes than their male counterparts. For many home builders, that begins with developing a keener understanding of what women generally want and expect when purchasing and building a new home.

Marketing Trifecta

That’s also the starting point of Woman-Centric Matters!®, Design Basics’ holistic program for helping builders transform their businesses around women’s choices. Beyond merely learning about women’s preferences through onsite training, builders who enroll in this program put these newfound insights into practice companywide. Every member of the builder’s team identifies goals – ways they themselves could positively impact the experiences women home buyers have with that company. From cleaner jobsites to more livable home designs, improved communications to outstanding warranty service, such builders put “knowing thy customer” into action.

Home buyers and real estate sales professionals notice, appreciate, and come to prefer to do business with Woman-Centric home builders. In recognizing and connecting with how Woman-Centric home builders and the homes they build are different, people come to ascribe leadership with this Woman-Centric approach. And they tell others. Woman-Centric home builders enjoy high levels of word-of-mouth accolades and referrals. Buyers in particular come to appreciate how Woman-Centric home builders have focused on taking the entire customer experience from stressful to delightful.

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Woman-Centric home plans are perceived as different and better. That’s not surprising, since customer feedback, mostly from women, inspired our designers to develop innovative solutions to the real-world challenges and opportunities women discussed with us. Complimenting the home design is a new appreciation for the included products, as well as options and upgrades available, found in Woman-Centric homes. From products that give back a little more time to healthier and greener options, Woman-Centric home builders strive to educate home buyers about the choices they can make, helping those buyers make wise, informed decisions and get the best new home value.

Already working with a certified Woman-Centric Matters! home builder? Congratulations! Looking for a Woman-Centric home builder in your area? Check our Find a Builder page and look for the Woman-Centric Matters! logo (shown in the Marketing Trifecta image above) next to the builder name. No Woman-Centric home builder in your area? Have the builder you want to work with contact Design Basics about how we can help them and help you get a better home, because you deserve a Woman-Centric Home!

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