Letter from the President

As we reflect on 2019, we are pleased with the progress Design Basics, LLC, has made towards adding to our 2,800+ collection of home plans as well as building our brand by designing unique, well sought-after home designs, providing exceptional customer service, and fostering growth of our Woman-Centric Matters!® and Builder-Centric℠ preferred builder programs. In addition, we are thankful for our customers and their continued input and support. Not only is their feedback and recommendations important to our design process, but many new ideas arise from customers working with our Plan Specialists. And, we can’t forget our customer referrals!

NAHB International Builders’ Show®. This year is already off to a great start with the Design Basics’ team exhibiting at the NAHB International Builders’ Show on January 21-23, in Las Vegas. Our booth features brand new home designs, including a collection of multi-family home designs. Design Basics is recognized as one of just a handful of companies that has consistently exhibited for the last 25+ years, and the only home design firm with this distinction.

New Website. We launched our new website, www.DesignBasics.com, with a new search function that allows you to search by livability, collection, plan type, designer, and many other features…even place your order online! Additionally, you will find many useful references materials at your fingertips – preferred builder programs, thoughtful design concepts, home design articles, and other resources such as Her Home™, Livability at a Glance™, Finally About Me®, and our Bookstore. We invite you to peruse the site, search home plans, sign up for a newsletter, and complete a quiz to discover your new home personality!

Evolving Home Design Plan Book. We published and distributed a new home plan book, Evolving Home Design, featuring 75 of our new and best-selling home plans. Many of our new floor plans have been designed with versatility in mind and new plan badges identify design styles: Multi-Generational, Value-Engineered, and Woman-Centric. Floor plans are not only designed with her in mind but also as value-engineered plans, mindful of the constant fluctuation of building material costs. A win for everyone!

Neighborhood in a Box® (NIAB). We just revamped and relaunched NIAB, a fabulous residential development solution for home builders! Not just a collection of home plans, NIAB offers a total package for designing a neighborhood with a cohesive look with cost savings and resources for home builders.

From America’s Premier Woman-Centric Home Designer, we wish you much success in 2020 and look forward to working with you as your home design and marketing partner!

Patrick M. Carmichael
President and Chief Operating Officer

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Neighborhood in a Box®: https://www.designbasics.com/home-builders/neighborhood-in-a-box/
Her Home™ Magazine: https://www.designbasics.com/her-home-magazine/
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Homes Talk to Women through Her Personality

Homes Talk to Women through Her Personality

This last installment focuses on how ‘Homes Talk to Women’ through her personality. And, we’ll find out what Jacob and Aimee decided for their new home.

Our research also unveiled four primary home buyer personas that have an uncanny likelihood of predicting interest in certain aspect of the home. Let’s take a look into these four personas:

  • contemporary
  • work/life balance
  • form over function
  • edgy
  • goal oriented
  • individualistic
  • my home is unique
  • traditional
  • work/life balance
  • function over form
  • practical
  • family oriented
  • predictable
  • my home is my haven
  • formal
  • work/life balance
  • form and function
  • sophisticated
  • quality driven
  • detail oriented
  • my home makes a statement
  • casual
  • work/life balance
  • function over form
  • spontaneous
  • project/activity driven
  • free spirited
  • my home is carefree

With these characteristics in mind, how does each persona’s design preference differ and why? Let’s take front entries as an example. Almost everyone wants their front entry to say “Welcome.” Yet according to a ‘Margo’ in our office, “Our front entry views say ‘Cool’, with an open loft feel, leading to the great room with 10’ flat ceilings and contemporary kitchen. Homes with rustic finishes or a narrow entry say, ‘Not for me!’” In contrast, an ‘Elise’ insists on a front entry, “An open front entry says, ‘Welcome to our home’, an entry coat closet says, ‘Here, let me take your coat; make yourself at home.’” ‘Margo’ wants the wow-factor and a unique design, while ‘Elise’ is more traditional and practical.



Photo Courtesy: iLumigreen

After exploring their options, Jacob and Aimee have decided they want to buy new rather than remodel a resale home. They’re looking for a big walk-in closet and an eating area large enough to accommodate guests. Aimee’s dad is an electrician, so based on her experience and knowledge she’s keen on LED ceiling lighting without cans, quiet bath fans, and power outlets with USB charging. As newlyweds with good jobs and visions of a larger family, nice-size secondary bedrooms with larger closets are a higher priority than high-end fixtures and finishes. Aimee is thinking about a nursery within earshot of their bedroom, and how important it is for Jacob to have a place for video games – how he likes to unwind after work. Aimee’s an Elise with some Margo tendencies. Storage that is practical and maintenance-free gives back time for more important things. But she has already picked out some unique light fixtures and is leaning towards slate gray cork wood flooring. It’s all a part of her story – past, present, and future!

We invite you to learn more about the four personas and take our Finally About Me!® quiz to discover your new home personality. And, these other great articles regarding personas and design preferences:

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Homes Talk to Women

Homes Talk to Women

Couple with BlueprintSince the beginning of 2003, our ongoing mission has been to evolve our knowledge, understanding of, and appreciation for women's preferences in the home. Recently we stumbled upon the realization that homes talk to women; specifically, homes talk to women more so than men - what they say differs, and the "lenses" women filter their thinking through is much more complex and detailed than their male counterpart. This four-part series highlights how ‘Homes Talk to Women’ and the different ways home buyers look at a home’s layout, design, and livability. We'll explore this more with our hypothetical couple, Jacob and Aimee.

Research suggests men typically think about a new home in terms of financial aspects (cost, monthly expense, investment), facts and figures (square footage, number of bedrooms), and where they'll live - right down to the address itself. 

Those same issues are on Aimee's mind, too, but she's seeing the home more in terms of where life will happen, where experiences become cherished memories, or where the kids will grow up. She's also looking at the home in terms of her household's needs, wants, and desires, and importantly, dreams about what else needs to or can be done to make the home perfect. 

Jacob listens to Aimee's dreams, but what he hears is 'expense' and 'hassle'. What will it cost to finish off the basement? How much of the work am I going to have to do myself? This is one tremendous advantage for new homes as compared to resales - consider a $300,000 resale home with $50,000+ in updates and remodeling versus a new $400,000 home with everything already in place. What would you do?

Continue with the series by clicking the links below:

For more resources on thoughtful design: 

Photo Credit: <a href="https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/people">People photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com</a>

Personality Predicts Purchase

Personality Predicts Purchase

You probably can't recall all of the "personality" quizzes you've taken over the years, whether they be to understand yourself, suggest a career, or identify your soulmate. Some are based on your purchases - and what they say about you. Design Basics' Finally About Me® quiz is even more intuitive, as your personality predicts what you're likely interested in buying, in terms of your new home's design.

While no two home buyers are the same, Design Basics' research found that women generally identify with one of four different personas, which were given the names of Claire, Elise, Margo, and Maggie. Your answers to the 16 Finally About Me questions identify the persona with which you most closely align. It's uncanny how knowing that persona helps identify what you're likely looking for in your new home, saving you countless hours spent on items that don't really interest you, while allowing you to focus on what's really important in your home.

Personality Predicts Purchase Image

Click on the image to read the article.

Take our Finally About Me quiz and see for yourself!

We invite you to see how Finally About Me personality preferences are reflected in the four "Locklear" personality-based home plans. One basic plan, re-envisioned for personality-specific versions with multiple exterior designs, without changing the foundation.

Other Finally About Me Resources:

Stealth Kitchen

Stealth Kitchen

Stealth Kitchen

Hidden in plan sight (Margo*)

Do you value uncompromised views and uncluttered design? The Stealth Kitchen Module from YesterTec® Kitchen Works combines high functionality with sleek design. The modules allow you to only expose what you want, when you want - and the rest stays hidden. Tucked away behind attractive panels that are designed to blend in, unnoticed, with the rest of your decor, is your entire kitchen. No time to clean your kitchen before guests arrive? No problem. All your guests will see is uncompromised design, not bulky kitchen appliances or clutter. 

Handcrafted Kitchen (Claire*)

Kitchen appliances disguised as beautiful furniture? It's true! YesterTec's line of handcrafted kitchen workstation furniture effortlessly transforms bulky kitchen appliances into one of a kind kitchen decor. Each piece of furniture is designed to disguise your appliances as custom built-in furniture. YesterTec expands on the design idea of panel-ready refrigerators by making each piece look like a customized piece of furniture, not a kitchen appliance. The result is high quality, formal design without the sacrifice of kitchen functionality.

Read more articles in our latest edition of HER HOME™ Magazine.

Photos courtesy of YesterTec Kitchen Works.
(Product spotlights are for informational purposes.)

*Are you a Margo or a Claire? Or, an Elise or Maggie? Find out by taking our Finally About Me® quiz - learn more about how your personality affects home and product design preferences. 

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