You probably can’t recall all of the “personality” quizzes you’ve taken over the years, whether they be to understand yourself, suggest a career, or identify your soulmate. Some are based on your purchases – and what they say about you. Design Basics’ Finally About Me® quiz is even more intuitive, as your personality predicts what you’re likely interested in buying, in terms of your new home’s design.

While no two home buyers are the same, Design Basics’ research found that women generally identify with one of four different personas, which were given the names of Claire, Elise, Margo, and Maggie. Your answers to the 16 Finally About Me questions identify the persona with which you most closely align. It’s uncanny how knowing that persona helps identify what you’re likely looking for in your new home, saving you countless hours spent on items that don’t really interest you, while allowing you to focus on what’s really important in your home.

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Take our Finally About Me quiz and see for yourself!

We invite you to see how Finally About Me personality preferences are reflected in the four “Locklear” personality-based home plans. One basic plan, re-envisioned for personality-specific versions with multiple exterior designs, without changing the foundation.

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