Adding new home plans to your portfolio is risky. Will the design attract buyers? How much will that home cost to build?

Design Basics’ Concierge Service is designed to help you minimize such risks. We know what is selling in terms of home design. Based on your goals (e.g., affordability); restrictions (e.g., 40-foot maximum building widths); and target market or specific customer needs (e.g. multi-generational households); we can recommend popular home designs that improve your odds of success.

After discussing what you are looking for in a home design, we’ll research our entire library of home plans to recommend top designs that meet your needs, saving you time! While it is easy for everyone to search home designs on our website, with heightened knowledge of our plans and search methodologies, our plan specialists often identify ideal home designs that may otherwise be missed or overlooked. In addition, we may recognize that a certain plan, with minor modifications, might be exactly what you are looking for.

What is the value of working with a plan specialist? You may have the requisite accounting knowledge and software, but you work with a CPA. You might be tech-savvy, but you hire a website design company. Residential design is a similar specialty. Is that neat amenity a fad, or destined to become a “must-have”? Was the home value-engineered, helping with your budget concerns? Our plan specialists are your home design consultants, tailoring recommendations and solutions based on your situation and needs.

Upon request, we can even review your existing design portfolio to identify gaps and opportunities we feel could be better addressed through design to help you sell more homes. Over 60 million Americans live in multi-generational households. Which of your home designs address this market’s needs? You have four one-story homes, which account for half of your sales, yet they all have “snout” garages and the writing is on the wall – several new neighborhoods are requiring flush or recessed garages.

Kickstart Your Neighborhood℠

Design Basics is a builder-oriented home plan design firm. With our Kickstart Program, you can get up to five sets of construction drawings for estimating purposes per year for just $100 each, including the corresponding elevation and floorplan presentation artwork for marketing. You will also enjoy plan and product discounts, FREE upgrades, and more!

Neighborhood in a Box®

Our Neighborhood in a Box Program can save you 50% when buying four or more home plans! Choose from pre-configured neighborhoods or build your own when you choose from over 1,300 designs.

Builder Plan Sets

A great floor plan with multiple elevations. Create a cohesive look for your neighborhood with builder plan sets at a discounted price.

Multi-Elevation Plan Set

Sample Builder Plan Set (#42376)

In addition, our home plans can be licensed for construction on a single-build or unlimited-build basis. Your plan specialist will be happy to discuss ways to get the most for your home design investment. Contact us today about our individually-tailored Concierge Service: 800.947.7526

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