Builder Plan Sets

Our multiple elevation plan sets offer builders affordable and cohesive yet varied looks for neighborhood developments. Choose from Design Basics' variety of plan options and save money by ordering the set rather than each plan individually!

Available Builder Plan Sets

Example: Plan Set #7837

In this example, you would save over $1,000 when ordering the Builder 3-Plan Set as compared to ordering the plans individually.

What Is a Multiple Elevation Plan?

Multiple elevation plan sets provide builders with the perfect balance of visual diversity and cohesion, whether you're developing an entire neighborhood or just have more than one client who loves the same floor plan.

You can choose from 2-, 3-, or 4-elevation plan sets. Our team will work closely alongside you to help you select the optimum home designs!

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Cotter - #42031

What's Included in a Multiple Elevation Plan Set?

When you partner with Design Basics, you'll be able to pick from 2-, 3-, or 4- elevation plan sets. You’ll receive:

  • One full construction print corresponding to each elevation in the set
  • Single-build construction license for each elevation

Unlimited-build construction licenses are also available for an additional fee.

Multiple Elevation Plan Set Costs

Depending on which elevation plan set you choose, the price of your set may vary. The Design Basics team is committed to helping you find home-building solutions that work within your budget, which is why our multiple elevation plan sets are designed to help you keep costs down!

When you select an elevation set, you'll pay regular price for the first plan* and each additional elevation is just $500.

*Regular price for the first plan will be applied to the highest priced plan in the set; additional plans in the set are $500 each.

Multiple Elevation Plan FAQs

Thinking of purchasing one of our multiple elevation plan sets? Learn more from our frequently asked questions!

What Is the Difference Between an Elevation & a Plan Drawing?

Plan drawings are a horizontal showing of a home from a bird's eye view. An elevation drawing is drawn showing a vertical depiction of the home. Both of these drawings are necessary when creating and understanding home plans.

Do I have to order each available elevation in a plan set?

No! you can choose and order just the elevation styles which will work for you!

Are the Design Basics Home Plans Copyrighted?

Yes, each plan license offered for sale by Design Basics is protected by United States Copyright law. This means that the images and construction prints of our designs are legally protected from unlawful use. To learn more, check out our copyright protections page.

Are There Discounts Available for Purchasing Multiple Elevation Plan Sets?

Yes! By joining one of our Preferred Builder Programs, you will receive a discount on every plan you purchase as well as many other benefits and cost-savings. To learn more about our Builder Programs, click on the links below.

Can I Make Changes To Multiple Elevation Plan Sets?

Yes! Design Basics Construction License allows for modifications to be made to our designs. Our Plan Alterations team can work with you to achieve your desired changes, or you can have the changes made locally.

Note: when having changed done locally:

  • You may want to order your home plans in CAD format.
  • Design Basics technical plan support is not available for home plans modified by anyone other than Design Basics staff.


The Design Basics Difference

Why work with Design Basics?
We have more than 35 years of experience in the home design industry, and our team is committed to helping you find the perfect home plans! We're here to answer your questions about our builder plan sets. Give us a call to get started!

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