Multiple Owner’s Suites

Multiple Owner’s Suites

For the past few weeks, we have been focusing on homes designed with two owner’s suites and the possible living situations that might warrant dual-suites.  This week we’re going to focus on multiple owner’s suites and why you might consider this design concept. Not only for special living situations, but also for long-term or even resale value.

Take for instance a recent request for a home with not just two suites, but a trio of owner’s suites! Three widowed ladies were looking for a living arrangement that provided companionship and independent living, yet still enjoy the advantages of home ownership. Their request – design a plan with three owner’s suites! Each having their own space, yet being able to gather together for meals, entertaining, and conversation – this was their ideal home design.

Another scenario for multiple owner’s suites is simply wanting family members to have their own space. Wouldn’t it be great if the kids had their own bathrooms? No more arguing on who’s taking too much time in the bathroom. And, a separate powder room for guests means you never have to be embarrassed about a possible mess in the kids’ bathroom when an unexpected visitor stops by! It could also be convenient for frequent overnight guests to have their own suite to feel more at home.

Design Basics’ gorgeous new (Serena plan #42282, above) offers something rarely seen in a moderate-size home – all four bedrooms function as suites!  The main floor illustrates the growing popularity of what can be dual-owners’ suites, each with two sinks, oversize shower and private toilet area.  Some people will build the home as a 2-bedroom ranch and finish additional living space in the basement.

As originally designed, the two second-floor bedrooms serve as suites, offering big windows, walk-in closets, and adjoining baths. Perfectly designed for multi-generational households, bedrooms 3 and 4 are separated by a family lounge area, perfect for cuddling up with the kids/grandkids and for an additional entertaining/homework space when the kiddos get older!

Design Basics Tucker Terrace House Plan 50039 fe

The Tucker Terrace (plan #50039, above) is another unique design for a multiple suite plan, offering three bedroom suites in a 2,709 sq. ft. ranch style home.  The owner’s suite is in close proximity to the second bedroom suite, suitable for a child’s room or aging relative. The third bedroom suite is located off the garage on the opposite side of the home, providing privacy and independence for a live-in relative or college student.

Our designers and plan alterations specialists are ready to work with you to configure your unique bedroom suite combination. View our plans here.

Dual-Owner’s Suites: Boomerang Child, Teen Suite

Dual-Owner’s Suites: Boomerang Child, Teen Suite

Many parents of college students feel that even with student loan repayment, their children should learn the economic realities of housing and rent. If enrolled locally, the bedroom suite can be a less expensive option over dorm life. Or, a recent graduate could move back home, softening the blow of post-graduation costs. A 2010 CNN survey conducted by Twentysomething Inc., found that 85% of college seniors planned to move back home with their parents after graduation! For those parents that have gotten used to being empty-nesters, a dual-suite option may help with the living adjustment.

The Wetherby Mills (plan #42278, above) offers a split dual-suite option that would give a college student or recent grad some privacy and feel of having their own space. Placed strategically on the second level at the top of the stairs, the suite is separated from the owner’s suite and secondary bedrooms by an open flex space that could be used as a family lounge.

For an even more independent living feel, the Centennial A (plan #55285) features an owner’s suite on the main level and an additional suite on the second level. With two additional bedrooms on the second level, one could be converted into an office/study for completing homework or a game room/lounge for entertaining guests.

We offer numerous dual-suite arrangements, and can make custom changes to fit your family’s needs. Search all dual-owner’s suite plans on our website.

Dual-Owner’s Suites: Aging in Place

Dual-Owner’s Suites: Aging in Place

A growing trend is ‘aging in place’ whereby seniors are opting to stay in their own home rather than move into an assisted living facility. The CDC defines aging in place as, “The ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.”  More and more people are looking for ways to help aging family members stay in their home – whether that be multiple generations living together or enlisting in-home care.

As of 2000, there were approximately 35 million Americans over the age of 65. And, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2030 there will be approximately 71.5 million Americans over the age of 65. That number is more than twice what it was in 2000 and represents nearly 20% of the entire projected U.S. population in 2030. The statistics are staggering if not concerning. Will there even be enough assisted living facilities available to accommodate this influx, let alone the cost? Certainly housing options are needed.

One such option is the dual-owner’s suite home design. Many families are looking to thoughtful home design to help seniors cope with expected, and unexpected, life cycle challenges in a loving yet discrete and life enhancing manner. Convenient and economical, the dual-owner’s suite design provides aging in place options for both short- and long-term accommodations.

The Welker (plan #29354, above) is a Craftsman style one-story with 2 bedrooms and 3 baths. The split bedroom design provides both suites with privacy, yet access to gather together in the family area. The Carswell (plan #29317) also offers split owner’s suites with options for expansion.

Some additional details to consider when designing the home:

  • Covered front/back porches – offer protection and safety from the elements as well as for enjoying some relaxation outside.
  • Step-free entry – accommodates both the homeowner and visitors that may require assistance.
  • Barrier-free kitchen and open concept – less obstacles, freer mobility.
  • Door and interior hall widths – space for mobility-aided navigation.
  • Traditionally tight spots, such as bathrooms, thoughtfully planned to allow mobility-aided navigation.

Search all of our dual-owner’s suite home plans for more design options.

Dual-Owner’s Suites: Independent In-laws

Dual-Owner’s Suites: Independent In-laws

Whether new construction or remodeling, dual owner’s suites and independent in-law suites are increasingly in demand. Interestingly, about the time their kids move out, a significant number of homeowners find themselves moving a parent in.

Homes designed with a pair of adjoining secondary bedrooms, such as the McAllister (plan #42027, above), near the entry are often ideal candidates for an in-law suite. If your mom or dad likes to get together with friends, perhaps one of the secondary bedrooms is well-suited to be a parlor – their own private living room for entertaining! The addition of a small kitchenette in this space would create almost an independent living arrangement.

Design Basics Cedar Glen II Home Plan Drawing #42229fe

Another intelligent arrangement for live-in relatives is having the owner’s suites on opposite sides of the home, providing a more independent living space. The second owner’s suite in the Cedar Glen II (plan #42229, above) is located off the front of the house where the front entrance can serve as a “private” entrance rather than the family entrance through the garage.

Find your ideal dual-owner’s suite plan on our online search.

Dual Owner’s Suites: The Dual-Bedroom Solution

Dual Owner’s Suites: The Dual-Bedroom Solution

The popularity of homes with dual owner’s suites is growing rapidly. Buyer profiles vary from households with aging parents to siblings moving in to adult children sharing the home with you. If secondary bedrooms can be located upstairs or in a finished lower level, dual owner’s suite homes offer tremendous appeal.

Not only are homes designed with dual owner’s suites being used for sharing a home, the home owners are “sharing” the space themselves! It might amaze you to find out just how many committed, happy couples choose not to share the same bedroom. Design Basics’ VP of Business Development, Paul Foresman, was featured in the article, “Suite idea: Dual master bedrooms,” which highlighted reasons couples are opting for separate sleeping quarters—mainly, they need more sleep! “Snoring, medical issues, conflicting schedules – to get a good night’s sleep, the dual-bedroom solution seems to work really well,” Paul comments.

Dual owner’s suites can be configured many different ways, from being in close proximity to each other to being on opposite sides of the home. Some couples may want to have their own bedroom, yet still feel connected; then, they may place both suites on the same side of the home. The Gunnison (plan #50016, featured) features both suites on the same side of the house, keeping the family and entertaining spaces separate from the sleeping areas.

Design Basics Sadie Home Plan #29353

Perhaps your spouse is a light sleeper and your schedules don’t jibe, then you might want to consider separate suites on opposite sides of the house. The Sadie (plan #29353, above) positions the owner’s suites flanking the main living areas, thereby keeping the two sleeping areas separate. Both owner’s suites feature a spacious bathroom, large walk-in closets, and dedicated linen closets.

No matter your sleeping arrangement preference, the designers at Design Basics can help you create the perfect space for both you and your mate!  Search Dual Owner’s Suite plans.

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