Letter from the President – 2019

Design Basics | Omaha, Nebraska | staff | Kathy DickAs we move into 2019 and celebrate more than 35 years in the industry, Design Basics, LLC, is optimistic about the future of residential construction and its growth potential. We saw many changes in 2018: from the popularity of the modern farmhouse to substantial growth in residential building in the south and west. This year is poised for growth around the nation and we are anticipating a slight shift from modern farmhouse to a more industrial design preference from consumers.

New Website. We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, www.designbasics.com. Like our home designs, our website is contemporary, welcoming, and easy to navigate. Our new search function allows you to search by livability, collection, plan type, designer, and many other features. Additionally, you will find many useful resources at your fingertips by reviewing materials on our blog and bookstore. You will also see new photo realistic renderings on many of our plans as well as 3D interior floor plans, to be unveiled later this year. All of which make it easier to visualize the livability of the space as realistically as possible.

Great Design. We are also publishing a new plan book with over 75 floor plans. All of the plans included in this book are new and have not appeared in any of our previous publications; and, include many of our most requested amenities. As a thank you to existing customers, we will automatically send you a copy. If you are not an existing customer and would like a copy, please give us a call and we would be happy to send one your way! Many of our new floor plans have been designed with versatility in mind. For example, the McAdoo plan (#29380) was designed to easily transition to a multi-family plan, the McAdoo Springs plan (#29381). And, our Woman-Centric floor plans are not only designed with her in mind but also as value-engineered plans, mindful of the constant fluctuation of building material costs. A win for everyone!

Preferred Builder Programs. As the first national home designer to offer unlimited-build licenses, Design Basics has always been focused on builders’ success. We’ve re-vamped our preferred builder programs – Builder-Centric℠ and Woman-Centric Matters!® – to bring you more advantages and ways to separate yourself from the competition. Exclusive discounts, educational materials, Livability at a Glance™ colorized floor plans, personalized marketing materials, and name recognition on our website with a link back to your website are just a few of the many benefits offered with these programs.

From America’s Premier Woman-Centric Home Designer, we wish you much success in 2019 and look forward to working with you as your home design and marketing partner!

Design Basics…where great design matters.

Best Regards,
Kathryn Dick

35th Anniversary Featured in Strictly Business

35th Anniversary Featured in Strictly Business

Design Basics, LLC (www.DesignBasics.com) has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 35 years of delivering innovation and leadership through creative home design, marketing, and business transformation solutions, while protecting their right to do so, maximizing value for their customers.

Design Basics began in 1983 as a custom home plan design firm for professional builders in their local community, Omaha, Nebraska. Over the years, Design Basics has expanded their offerings to include a wide variety of home plan designs, plan alteration services, and professional marketing products and services as well as keeping a focus on custom home design. Design Basics’ home designs can now be found throughout all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and other countries around the world.

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Loving What We Do

Loving What We Do

In 2018, Design Basics is celebrating 35 years of providing home builders and home buyers with quality home plans. In an age where only 20% of businesses are still in business after 20 years, we are grateful for the many wonderful people who have contributed to our success. We hope that in sharing some of the lessons learned on our journey, you will find applications leading to your ongoing success!

Our products have evolved. Building codes and building materials have changed, household composition has become more varied, and home buyers’ design preferences have changed. Design Basics has both embraced new design trends as well as introduced design amenities, which have since become today’s hottest trends. The secret is actively listening to our customers’ challenges and dreams, resulting in some of today’s best-selling home plans.

How we create our products has evolved. Most obvious was moving from manual drafting to CAD of the construction drawings, making plan creation and modifications more efficient. While Design Basics has always used a team approach to home design, by the mid-2000’s we have utilized a co-ed design team, elevating the importance of women’s preferences in home design. Technology also now makes photo-realistic presentation renderings attractive and affordable, helping customers better envision the built home.

How we deliver our products has evolved. Back in the day, Design Basics ran lots and lots of blueprints and vellums, which were both erasable and reproducible. They were shipped out by the next business day via UPS or FedEx. Today, most home plan orders are sent as digital files (PDF or CAD formats), both making for a quick delivery as well as more economical for all parties involved.

How we market our products has evolved. In the 1980’s, our marketing was pretty much word-of-mouth, ads in BUILDER Magazine, and the NAHB International Builders’ Show. Starting in 1990, Design Basics added a very successful self-publishing program via direct mail distribution of publications for builders and developers. By 2007, the Internet and digital marketing replaced most of the company’s direct mail efforts, but has given us added flexibility in creating and disseminating marketing materials and home plan designs.

The bottom line? It’s great to love what you do, but it’s not okay to be infatuated with how you’ve always done it. Embrace the changes that keep us moving forward, while continuing to provide innovative design and exceptional customer service. Design Basics…Where Great Design Matters!

Developer Services

Developer Services

Have you taken advantage of our many services we offer for developers? If not, now is the time to check it out!

Home Design

  • We offer over 2500 plans in our library!
  • Multi-elevation plan sets — a core plan with different elevation styles saves time and money.
  • Custom home design.
  • Plan alterations.
  • Promotional artwork — market the plan before purchasing the full construction set.

Marketing Materials

  • Streetscapes
  • Plat maps
  • Community logos
  • Community signage
  • Amenities artwork
  • Billboards
  • Lot Markers

Builder Programs

  • Builder-Centric℠ Preferred Builder Program — receive discounts and materials to help you sell more homes.
  • Woman-Centric Matters!® Builder Program — recognizing the importance of women’s preferences in the home.

Learn more with our Developer Services program, and contact us today!

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