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One of life's little luxuries is the morning's first cup of coffee. Perhaps it's the aroma that wakes you up, or just being able to grab a cup and cozy back into bed for a while, carving out a small space in your bedroom suite for a coffee bar is an amenity you'll appreciate daily. You can design with a water supply line or a sink, depending on the coffee maker; and, even include a mini frig/freezer for creamer, ice, etc.

Coffee Bar in vanityThere are many configurations and areas to place your coffee bar, such as:

  • Right in your bedroom (as in the Locklear - plan #42074)
  • A cabinet tucked away on your vanity (as in the Locklear Manor - plan #42316)
  • In the walk-way leading into your bedroom (as in the Kauffman - plan #50012)


Or, maybe if you enjoy grabbing a cup on your way out the door in the morning, the coffee bar could be in the garage as in this homeowner's requested design! 

Search plans with built-in coffee bars - on the plan search page, select "Coffee Bar" under the "Other Amenities and Features" drop down along the left search navigation. And, if you see a different plan you like, let one of our design specialists help you customize the plan with your coffee bar!  

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