Problem: Ladies have told us they would like to have a seat in the owner’s bathroom…that we need more hanging for towels…and that the clothes hamper/laundry basket is always in the way.

Solution: Design Basics’ new Stor-N-More™ presents a cushioned seat with flip-top bench, hidden storage for your laundry basket under the seat, extra towel hanging, and linen storage all in the cavity previously shown simply as a linen closet!

Consider how we live: We undress in the bathroom for showering. Where do the dirty clothes go? Where do you hang a towel rack and robe hooks? The size and placement of the Stor-N-More in Design Basics’ Jensen Falls Plan (#29385) could easily have been just a regular linen closet. This new design amenity belongs in your next model (or Parade) home!

Search plans for the Stor-N-More amenity already built in by choosing the “Stor-N-More” filter under “Other Amenities and Features,” or let us help you find your perfect plan and incorporate it!

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