Continuing with our last post, a comparison of three top-selling one-story home plans around 1,600 square feet in size, we now turn to each home’s livability and its four component “lenses” that home buyers report using to evaluate a home’s suitability when evaluating home plans.  For some, De-stressing is most important (take the Livability at A Glance quiz to identify which lens is most important for you.)  Many people, when they think of de-stressing at home, first picture their bedroom suite.  These three designs take slightly different approaches to creating a de-stressing suite.

The Shelton Farm utilizes a sliding pocket door between the bedroom and bathroom, eliminating the possibility of a hinged door swinging in to you if you were standing in front of the first sink.  A double-sink vanity helps ease time pressures when the two of you are getting ready at the same time.  The 3-foot x 5-foot shower feels luxurious in comparison to even 4-foot showers so common a few years ago, and having a linen closet ends the frustration of where to keep towels and sheets.

The Jensen Falls, plan 29385, 1676 sq. ft.

The Shelton Farm, plan 42392, 1603 sq. ft.

Though narrower, the Locklear’s bedroom has corner windows, providing additional opportunities for which wall the bed headboard rests against, as well as natural light from two directions.  That bathroom’s vanity is nearly a foot wider than the Shelton Farm’s vanity, allowing you to spread out a bit more.  And the oversized doorless shower means no door to clean, while glass block above the shower plus another window ease eyestrain and contribute to a cheery bathroom.

The Locklear also wins when it comes to stress-busting laundry room amenities, with lots of storage, a window, folding counter and sink.

The Jensen Falls, plan 29385, 1676 sq. ft.

The Locklear, plan 42074, 1635 sq. ft.

Coffee Bar Concept

A coffee bar in the Locklear’s bedroom, creates aromas you’ll love to wake up to!

At 16’-8” in depth, the Jensen Falls’ bedroom is large enough to provide you a relaxing sitting area at the back.  Notice that the door to the bathroom swings into the bedroom, smoothing transitions.  Even couples married for decades tell us there’s time when you just need privacy, and this bathroom has a private toilet area with a window.  And at 84” in length, the dual-sink vanity bestows “me” space for both of you.

Anything that saves time and steps is inherently de-stressing.  Such is the case for the Jensen Falls’ sliding pocket door connection between the walk-in closet and laundry area!

Many people also find covered front porches like the Jensen Farms’ to be relaxing – a place to enjoy nature, greet neighbors, and watch kids playing.

The Locklear, plan 42074, 1635 sq. ft.

The Jensen Falls, plan 29385, 1676 sq. ft.

All three of these homes present 10-foot high boxed ceilings in the suite bedrooms, and all utilize 32-inch wide interior doors for easier access.  Additionally, you don’t walk from the garage into your laundry room in these homes.  Rather, each plan has a rear foyer transition area.  There’s a handy bench there in the Jensen Falls, a clutter-busting drop zone in the Shelton Farm, and the delightful Locklear rear foyer with drop zone, bench topped with lockers plus a separate coat closet.   

Finally, there’s the bedroom layouts – together, as in the Locklear (often preferred by families with young children,) while the Jensen Falls and Shelton Farm split the other bedrooms from the suite, maximizing nighttime privacy. 

And the winner is…the Locklear plan (for De-stressing).  But which home wins when we look at the “Storing” lens?  Find out in our next blog post!

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