Hy-Lite Block Single Barn Door

Hy-Lite Barn-Lite Single Sliding Barn Door

A classic updated.

Sliding barn doors have been a design favorite for years, and the new Barn-Lite sliding doors from Hy-Lite are a bright update to the classic, rustic barn-door. Featuring a grid of clear acrylic blocks encased in vinyl and steel, these doors feature the functionality of a sliding barn door while also allowing the room to be flooded with natural light. The contemporary design comes in your choice of white or bronze framing, ensuring it will complement the existing design. Finally, functionality, privacy,and natural light can be achieved with the same product!

If you're interested in the Modern Farm House Style and want to carry the "modern farm house" theme inside, think of how great these Barn-Lite doors will look in your new home!

Natalie Farm - Hy-Lite Barn Door

Natalie Farm - #42417

A Single Panel Barn-Lite door for the Pocket Office in the Natalie Farm (#42417) home design is a great way to close off the space while in use, yet not feel as closed in with the added light. It's also a nice way to close off the Pocket Office from the Family Room with an added decorative element.

Redwood Farm - #42427_Hy-Light Barn-Lite

Redwood Farm - #42427

The Redwood Farm (#42427) home design's Flex Room off the front entry foyer is a natural fit for a Double Barn-Lite door. Again, it's a nice visual element upon entering the home, yet can be closed off if necessary.




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