Problem: You're constantly tripping over the laundry basket in your walk-in closet/bathroom/laundry room. It's something you need to catch the dirty clothes until wash day, but can't it be less troublesome?

Solution: Design Basics' plan customization specialist, Tricia Baker, developed a handy and attractive design amenity, the Laundry Solution. It can be incorporated into your closet, bedroom, or bathroom, integrated into your cabinetry as a tilt-out or pull-out drawer. On laundry day, simply lift the clothes basket out of the drawer to transport to your laundry room.

Another concept is a pass-through from your closet, bedroom, or bathroom (see cover image). If your home's design facilitates a shared wall between one of these rooms, the Laundry Solution conveniently "drops" dirty clothes into your laundry room!

Design Basics' plan #35038 - Arturo Timbers - includes both types of Laundry Solutions:

  • A Laundry Pass-Through style in the Owner's Suite walk-in closet
  • A Laundry Tilt-Out/Pull-Out style in Suite 2's walk-in closet

Let our Plan Customization Specialists help you incorporate a Laundry Solution into your favorite home plan!

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