You want your home buyers to make changes to your home plans. Let’s face it, you’d love to offer a home plan that’s right for each and every buyer, but realistically you can’t; therefore, you want buyers to make changes so the home design fits their needs. The tweaks buyers want to make are very personal and significant to them – after all, they’re probably spending a little bit more to achieve those changes in order to get the home that’s “just right.”

Home buyers are more committed to you and to their home if they see themselves involved in co-creating it. Prospects who take the time to dive deep into a home design, mentally “moving in,” have pretty much sold themselves on that design and on you as their builder.

Couple studying plansThose buyers come to see themselves as “having designed their own home.” Without getting into the legal issues of authorship, copyright, and ownership of the plan, many times the buyers believe they created the resulting home design. They may give you some credit, “Oh, we started with their ‘Amelia’ plan, but we changed it.” This is one time when it’s best to keep your ego at bay.

The buyers believe their version of the plan is “better.” And, it is – for them. This is an opportune time to compliment them on the modifications they directed. Doing so furthers rapport, they come to like you even more and trust that you are the right builder for them.

Who you have modifying the plan matters. Design Basics home plan Construction Licenses allow the builder or other qualified local professional to make changes to our home plans. So, why do so many customers used Design Basics Plan Customization Designers to alter the plans? Quite simply, our Designers do more than just make the requested modifications. They take the time to get to know why the changes are desired and may be able to suggest alternative solutions that achieve the customer’s goals better, and/or more economically. Further, our Designers may recognize and be able to suggest additional opportunities afforded by the desired alterations that the buyers would love!

At Design Basics, we have the tools to help you stand out from other builders:

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