Prospective customers rule you “in” or “out” based on your homes’ exteriors. It’s a fact. Overwhelmed by too many choices, buyers use shortcuts to narrow the number of home builders they will consider. One of those shortcuts is your elevation designs. Photographs can be great – once the home has been built AND if the photos, the lighting, the landscaping, etc., are top-notch. 

More common is to win buyers’ hearts and minds with elevation renderings. But all renderings are not created equal, and this is where buyers infer a lot about the builder. A black and white CAD drawing is devoid of emotion, and a black and white artist’s rendering does little to capture buyers’ attention. Color renderings are more impactful, but many are perceived as being “cartoonish,” unprofessional, and actually work against you as they help her rule you out. Professional, hand-drawn color renderings used to be the standard, but are now seen as old-fashioned, inferring the builder is also less sophisticated. (Elevation rendering progression shown below - Dorsett plan #29062; click on the image to enlarge.)

Dorsett - #29062 BW CAD

Black & White CAD Elevation

Dorsett - #29062 BW Drawn

Black & White Hand-drawn Rendering

Dorsett - #29062 Color Drawn

Color Hand-drawn Rendering

Dorsett - #29062

Photo-realistic Rendering

Photo-realistic, color, CAD renderings are now what buyers expect. Everything can be perfect – from the weather to the landscaping, color and materials choices, etc. Plus, there can be multiple views, whether that’s front/sides/rear, different perspectives, daytime/dusk, or even drone views. (Click on an image below to enlarge.)
the Sinclair Terrace - #42424

Front Elevation Rendering
(Sinclair Terrace - #42424)

Sinclair Terrace - #42424

Rear Elevation Rendering
(Sinclair Terrace - #42424)

Wendling Park - Dawn/Dusk

Custom Presentation Renderings for Your Plans

Design Basics was selected by the Home Builders Association of Des Moines to create photo-realistic elevation renderings for each of the five homes built for their 2020 HomeShowExpo. The different views of each home visually connected viewers with the homes’ designs on an emotional level, and feedback form the builders, their sales representatives, the HBA, and consumers was extremely positive.

What about you? What does the visual presentation of your homes say about you, your company, and the homes you build? Design Basics can create custom photo-realistic elevation renderings from your CAD home plans that stir buyer’s heartstrings and rule you “in!” You can specify exterior colors and products, or Design Basics can make recommendations. We will also discuss what angle and perspective we feel would help create the most intriguing rendering.

One plan or dozens, we look forward to helping you raise the bar with high-quality presentation renderings of your homes! Contact us today: 800.947.7526

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