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Woman-Centric Matters!




Our Woman-Cenric  Matters WC Builders






 What is the Woman-Centric Matters!® Approach?

Our woman-centric approach is based on customer feedback, mostly from our women customers.

We’ve been inspired to design our homes with innovative solutions for enhanced livability and style.
We have a new understanding and appreciation for women’s preferences of products selected for the home.


In addition, we help home builders and remodelers use this approach to

Take the customer’s experience from stressful to delightful.
Accomplish more with their marketing dollars.

 Learn about the Woman-Centric Matters!® Approach

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  • This is a FREE webinar.
  • Participation is limited to five to eight companies in non-competing markets.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015 This is a GoToMeeting.com event Webinar
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 What has the Woman-Centric Matters!® Approach Done for Home Builders?




  • Awareness
  • Marketing effectiveness/lead generation
  • Model home traffic
  • Differentiation leading to preference
  • Motivation to buy NOW
  • Prospect to buyer conversion
  • Sales
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Referral business

 Woman-Centric Matters!® Buzz

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 Woman-Centric Matters!® Home Builders

Our Woman-Cenric  Matters WC Builders
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 Why Woman-Centric Matters!®

Why Woman-Centric Matters!
 Increasing sales, profits, and customer satisfaction! Learn more....



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Why Woman-Centric Matters!


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