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Woman-Centric Matters!




Our Woman-Cenric  Matters WC Builders


Why Woman-Centric Matters!

 What is the Woman-Centric Matters!sm Approach?



Our woman-centric approach is derived from customer feedback as well as real-life experiences, mostly from our women customers.


We’ve been inspired to design homes with innovative solutions for enhanced livability and style, and we have a new understanding and appreciation for women’s preferences for the home.


In addition, we help home builders and remodelers use this approach to take the customer’s experience from stressful to delightful…and, accomplish more with their marketing dollars!

 Learn about the Woman-Centric Matters!sm Approach

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016
11:30 – 11:50 am Eastern


Conducted via GoToMeeting.com and audio via conference call.
*Participation is limited to five to eight companies in non-competing markets.


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 What has the Woman-Centric Matters!sm Approach Done for Home Builders?


Homes designed from a woman's perspective = increased livability and style:


  • Did you know that women are the sole or primary decision makers in 91% of new home purchases?
  • Women use four lenses when evaluating a home's "livability."
  • Women value and appreciate products and amenities for style, performance, reliability, and maintenance differently than men.
  • Does your marketing show you truly appreciate her perspective...or merely want her business?


LEARN MORE to SELL MORE -- find out why builders that have adopted a woman-centric approach are setting all-time sales records!



 For More Information


For more information, contact Paul Foresman at: 800.947.7526 or pforesman@designbasics.com


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