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Everything that goes into your home was designed...


and the realative importance of each of the three faces of dsigns - form, function and social - balance by price, largely dictate your product choices.


FORM encompasses the sensory attractiveness of an item. Is it something that catches your eye? Does it have an elegant feel? Is it the quietest product in its class?


FUNCTION relates to performance. Does it do what it is supposed to do well, is it easy to use, reliable and dependable, and will it last?


SOCIAL aspects of design are very personal. What does this (product) say about me? We reveal a lot about ourselves and our priorities through the products showcased in our homes. Second, how does this (product) make me feel about myself?


Note, your Finaly About Me persona comes through in your product selections.

Take the humble garage door for example...


(photos courtesy of Amarr Garage Doors)



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"Design Basics values our intellectual property and that of its many collaborative partnerships. We, therefore, protect our 1,900+ plan design copyrights from illegal infringements. This preserves and maximizes customers’ investments, while also protecting our assets, our team members’ employment position, and our shareholders." 
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