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It's amazing what you can learn when you ask the right questions and then listen. Really listen!


In January, 2003, Design Basics embarked on an ongoing journey using many types of research to gain an ever-increasing understanding of women’s preferences in the home. More than a decade later, the impact of home buyer feedback has been…remarkable.


Livability at a GlanceWomen told us there are four primary “lenses” they use when looking at a home and its suitability for her and her household. This led Design Basics to introduce Livability At A Glance™ and color-code our floorplans to make it even easier to envision how the home lives


Color-coded floorplans make it even easier to envision how the home lives


Some of our favorite
Woman-Centric home design amenities


Rear Foyer with Drop Zone, bench and lockersOver the years women have inspired us to develop dozens of innovative amenities which became some of today’s hottest trends!


Rear Foyer with Drop Zone, bench and lockers. Who wants to walk in from the garage into the laundry room only to be greeted by piles of laundry? The rear foyer entry is just as important as the front entry foyer! A drop zone can liberate a kitchen from items that so easily clutter islands and countertops.


A bench to remove muddy shoes is welcome. Moms of elementary age children told us kids’ lockers de-stress getting out the door on time with everything!


Pet Center


Pet Center. Pets are part of the family too! Like everyone else in the house-hold, thinking through specialized storage and even bathing realities contributes to having the “perfect home”!


Chill 'N Grill

Barbecue fans who don’t have or want a full outdoor kitchen are raving about the Chill ‘N Grill, an indoor space with mini fridge and storage for all of your cookout accessories!


Take the Livability At A Glance QUIZ!


Choosing a plan can be challenging because it’s often difficult to visualize the finished home and how it will live. To make it easier, Design Basics has created a new way to present floor plans to help you narrow the search for a design that fits your personal lifestyle and needs. TAKE THE QUIZ!


Livability Search™


Square footage…number of bedrooms…width… traditional online home plan searches simply filter down the number of plans to look at. Logical, but it does nothing to help you identify the perfect home. Livability Search is different. In addition to the traditional search criteria, select
how important each of the Livability aspects (entertaining, de-stressing, storing, flexible living) are to you! It’s fun, intuitive, and more quickly helps you identify the home of your dreams! Exclusively at DesignBasics.com


How does your plan rate? Another DesignBasics.com exclusive, the Livability Index compares homes with similar size and type of homes on Entertaining, De-stressing, Storage and Flexible Living amenities!

Finally About Me!


Taking a Woman-Centric approach to residential design and building just makes sense. But obviously, not all women are the same. Design Basics research identified there are actually four primary “personas” which better describe and predict an individual’s preferences when it comes to a home—its design and products featured.. To make it easier to remember, Design Basics even named the four personas.


Finally About Me!


Knowing which persona best describes you can save you and your builder many hours in getting just the right home plan and product selections for your home. Take our Finally About Me Quiz now!


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