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Why Woman-Centric Matters!
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Woman-Centric Matters!

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Why Woman-Centric Matters!


 Increasing sales, profits, and customer satisfaction!

“More builders are getting in touch with the feminine side to boost confidence among this powerful demographic.”

Woman-Centric feature in "The Ladies Turn"

Woman-Cenric Builder Hugh Fisher featured

Woman-Centric feature in BUILDERnews Magazine
Design Basics provides a full-service approach for builders - Builder Design Center Magazine

“Design Basics provides a full-service approach for builders. This includes woman-centric plans, branding, the architecture of design centers, reviewing and selecting options to make sure they are woman-centric, assembling packages, designing sales offices, graphics packages, brochures, and every aspect of the customer experience…I believe you’re on the right track!”

Maria Muto Porter, Editor, Builder Design Center Magazine

“ We have a tremendous success introducing the Woman-Centric approach at our first home show event last weekend. We received awesome compliments, got some really great leads, and EVERYONE loved touring our display. I had some power point messages on the exterior of the booth.'


 – Woman-Centric Builder Tanya Bullington,
Bullington Builders


“At Severson Homes, providing an easy to use, sensible website gives our customers access to our Woman-Centric program and saves them time. This is a convenience that both men and women appreciate. Our distinctive approach to the building process and customer support is the key to unlocking doors of great success.”

-Woman-Centric Builder Helene Severson,
Severson Homes

“Your Woman-Centric training was great! For the sub- contractors, most all of them thought it was worth their while. My sheet rocker gave me an excuse why he couldn’t stay all day and then ended up staying all day and complimented us on the course. Also our REALTOR® training was a great hit and I have received numerous compliments on that.”

– Woman-Centric Builder Mike Rygh,
Custom One Homes by Mike Rygh

On-site Woman-Centric training.


Woman-Centric Sales Centers

“ Open less than a month, we already have 4 sales specifically attributable to our woman-centric garage sales center! The woman-centric approach is helping us sell $8,000 to $12,000 more per home in options and upgrades!”


-Woman-Centric Builder John Menghini Jr.,
H&S Covenant Homes


For more information, contact Paul Foresman or Greg Dodge or Trish Baker.


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