Accessorizing the Room

Accessorizing the Room

Atlas Homewares Drawer Pulls

Photo Courtesy: Atlas Homewares

Accessories are the exclamation point of any room, especially when they produce a custom look. But creating a personalized look without the large price tag is always difficult. Atlas Homewares is trying to help by creating a line of customizable interchangeable hardware that can be installed on cabinetry or furniture. These modern geometry-inspired handles were designed with versatility in mind. Each piece allows you to mix and match the round or square bases with the rectangular or arc handles. You can even mix finishes. The end result is a fully customized look at a fraction of the cost.

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If Your Suitcase is Always in the Way!

If Your Suitcase is Always in the Way!

Always on the go? Then you’re sure to appreciate our Travel Center option, designed to keep everything handy and make packing a snap!

You know where your suitcase has been…so you’re probably not going to want to pack it on the clean bedspread! Our travel center was inspired by customers who wanted storage plus convenience when it came to preparing to leave town.

Zirkel Gables #35092FB ml

Zirkel Gables – #35092FB

“I know where that suitcase has been, and it’s not getting packed on my clean bedspread!”

“I live for spontaneous travel. I need a place to keep overnight essentials.”

“Finding a place to store the suitcase is a pain.”

The Travel Center addresses all of these issues and more. Situated in the owner’s suite walk-in closet, packing the suitcase couldn’t be easier as everything you need is conveniently within reach. You don’t have to run up or down stairs to fetch the suitcase, and it’s stored where it doesn’t need to be constantly moved out of the way.

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No Regrets: Start with the Floor Plan

No Regrets: Start with the Floor Plan

It’s not uncommon for people to fall in love with a certain exterior home design or the decor/colors/etc., but then ask for some pretty extensive changes to the floor plan. Or, they build/purchase the home only to find out the floor plan isn’t conducive to their household’s needs. You’ve made a pretty substantial purchase, don’t let buyer’s remorse put a damper on the excitement of your new home!

When we were looking for our first home, my cousin told me this exact same thing, as she and her husband made the mistake of looking at the exterior and interior decor rather than the actual layout of the home. Once they got settled in, they found the home’s “livability” wasn’t right for them. She told me, “You can change the decor, but it’s difficult to change the layout!” We appreciated this advice.

No Regrets: Home designers suggest home buyers get the floor plan design right, then address the elevation – because various elevation styles can be crafted once the home’s layout has been determined. Also, if you are building new, inquire about plan alterations as there may be a couple of areas that you’d like designed a little bit different. We can help you realize your dream home with a few changes.

While we know the home’s exterior appeal is the first impression and will either attract or disinterest home buyers, we encourage you to explore the floor plan/layout before making a decision. Your perfect home may be hiding behind the the next door you open!

Take for example the three Peony plans: 

  • Peony Grove (Tuscan) and Peony Place (Contemporary) have the same floor plan, but very different elevations
  • Peony has a different elevation (French Country) AND the floor plan has been tweaked a bit
Pool Bath

Pool Bath

Plan 42104 - Corbett with Pool Bath

The Corbett – #42104

If your backyard is the gathering spot for the neighbor kids, you’ll appreciate they can go potty without traipsing through the home. And, if that bathroom has a shower, it’s an ideal “pool bath.”

Spent the afternoon planting and gardening? That’s a welcome clean-up spot. Similarly, if you have pets who just dug up that garden, the shower can turn in to a pet wash station.

The Corbette (#42104) and the Reeves (#42085) both feature a convenient bath off the covered porch. And, both lead to the laundry room–easy access to getting dirty clothes and towels in the laundry after cleaning off!

Plan 42085 - Reeves with Pool Bath

The Reeves – #42085

Search our plans for more design amenities to help make everyday living a bit easier. See something you like, but want to make changes–our plan specialists are here to assist!

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Add Style to Your Kitchen

Add Style to Your Kitchen

Cafe Appliances KitchenCafe Appliances KnobsIntroducing Café, a unique and customizable line of appliances from GE that put your personality and style on display. Through their catalog of high-performance kitchen appliances, Café no longer forces the choice between functionality or design – beauty AND brains. Multiple finishes, customizable hardware, and a vast selection of products allow you to build your dream kitchen and accessorize it with your personality. Whether you like mixing finishes and coordinating metals or just using one to keep a cohesive appearance, Café appliances will blend perfectly with your design.

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