Chill-N-Grill Design Amenity

Chill-N-Grill Design Amenity

Chill-N-GrillDo you love to entertain/grill out, but don’t have the space or want a full outdoor kitchen? Then, you might consider adding a Chill-N-Grill™ station to your home design. The Chill-N-Grill is typically placed just inside the door leading to the grilling area and can include an under-counter refrigerator, prep counter, and storage for seasonings, grilling utensils, and serving dishes. It is fast becoming one of today’s hottest design amenities!

The Fiala plan (#42281) features a Chill-N-Grill near the rear covered porch.

Other plans designed with a Chill-N-Grill:

The Hutton #42280

The Copley #42274

View our plan library. See a plan you like and want to incorporate a Chill-N-Grill (or other amenity), let our Plan Alterations Specialists help make the changes. Contact us today!

A Step Into Sleek Design

A Step Into Sleek Design

Hideaway Solutions

Photo Courtesy: Hideaway Solutions

Hideaway Solutions has solved the problem of hard to reach shelves and cabinets in the kitchen with the STEP 180 pull-out cabinet step stool. Modern design lends itself to tall ceilings and cabinets, which can create a problem when they become out of reach. Hideaway Solutions has developed a sleek way to disguise a step stool into your design by creating a retractable built-in option. The step stool is built into your cabinetry and conveniently tucks away when not in use, saving space but not skimping on safety. It provides a built-in railing with an integrated child-lock that drastically reduces the risk of accidents. So go ahead, use all those upper cabinets and tall shelves, the STEP 180 was designed to work with custom and standard cabinets to give you a step up.

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The Ante Room Entry Design Solution

The Ante Room Entry Design Solution

Ante Room Entry DesignProblem: If you operate a home-based business, you’re essentially opening up your home to colleagues and clients. Wouldn’t it be great to have an area where they can wait comfortably until their appointment?

Solution: The Ante Room is a modest entry vestibule that provides a waiting area for business visitors; and, bathroom access is a plus.

Consider how we live: For privacy, convenience, and a host of other reasons, home-based business owners often want to limit their guests’ access to the home office area. The Ante Room (or vestibule) in Design Basics’ Mackenzie Court (plan 43067) provides such a reception area. It includes a bench seat, coat closet, and convenient bathroom access.

Since the need for an ante room entry is not for everyone, this is a unique design; therefore, if you find a plan in our library that you like, but need the ante room design, talk to us about our plan alterations service to see how we can reconfigure the home’s entry.

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A Place for Pets

A Place for Pets

A Pet Center – here’s the backstory on this design amenity:

Dogs play, get dirty, and aren’t inclined to wipe their feet before heading into the house. “There’s not a shower on the main floor, so I have to carry the dirty dog all the way upstairs to give her a bath.” A guy quipped, “My wife says we really need a dog shower near the garage entry for when our dog rolls around in dead fish, but I think she wants it for me when I come home from hunting or trapping.”

The bottom line, pets are members of our households, too. Planning your new home to better address the realities of pet ownership – from kennels to feeding, washing, and specialized storage – makes the home more livable and enjoyable for everyone!

Costello Pet Center floor planIn the Costello (plan 42139), the pet center is located just inside the rear foyer entry from the garage, providing easy access and not in the direct line of traffic into the house. The rendering above is one configuration; depending on your size and type of pet, you may want a larger or elevated shower, kennel or pet bed area, feeding station, etc. The choice is yours!

Search our plans for Pet Center designs. Or, talk with a plan specialist to make Plan Alterations to a different plan.

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Bathroom Storage Solution

Bathroom Storage Solution

Problem: Ladies have told us they would like to have a seat in the owner’s bathroom…that we need more hanging for towels…and that the clothes hamper/laundry basket is always in the way.

Solution: Design Basics’ new Stor-N-More™ presents a cushioned seat with flip-top bench, hidden storage for your laundry basket under the seat, extra towel hanging and linen storage all in the cavity previously shown simply as a linen closet!

Consider how we live: We undress in the bathroom for showering. Where do the dirty clothes go? Where do you hang a towel rack and robe hooks? The size and placement of the Stor-N-More in Design Basics’ Jensen Falls Plan (#29385) could easily have been just a regular linen closet. This new design amenity belongs in your next model (or Parade) home!

Search plans for the Stor-N-More amenity already built in, or let us help you find your perfect plan and incorporate it!

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