Ditch the Dirty Clothes Basket

Ditch the Dirty Clothes Basket

Problem: You're constantly tripping over the laundry basket in your walk-in closet/bathroom/laundry room. It's something you need to catch the dirty clothes until wash day, but can't it be less troublesome?

Solution: Design Basics' plan customization specialist, Tricia Baker, developed a handy and attractive design amenity, the Laundry Solution. It can be incorporated into your closet, bedroom, or bathroom, integrated into your cabinetry as a tilt-out or pull-out drawer. On laundry day, simply lift the clothes basket out of the drawer to transport to your laundry room.

Another concept is a pass-through from your closet, bedroom, or bathroom (see cover image). If your home's design facilitates a shared wall between one of these rooms, the Laundry Solution conveniently "drops" dirty clothes into your laundry room!

Design Basics' plan #35038 - Arturo Timbers - includes both types of Laundry Solutions:

  • A Laundry Pass-Through style in the Owner's Suite walk-in closet
  • A Laundry Tilt-Out/Pull-Out style in Suite 2's walk-in closet

Let our Plan Customization Specialists help you incorporate a Laundry Solution into your favorite home plan!

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A Crafty Solution!

A Crafty Solution!

If you enjoy crafting, sewing, etc., but don't have a spare room or area to dedicate to crafting, the Craft Closet may be the answer! Installing shelves, drawers, and racks, you can keep all your craft supplies in one spot. And, you can leave an ongoing project "out" hidden behind closed doors. Depending on where the closet is located, you can work on projects while still interacting with other members of the household. Don't forget the electrical for outlets (sewing machines, die cut machines, etc.) and plenty of lighting. 

The plans below offer options for craft closet placement. Whether you are building new or remodeling, a craft closet is an easy and handy amenity to include in your home's design. 

The Underwood - Plan #50025

The Gonzales - Plan #29335

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Have a Seat

Have a Seat

Hester 29344 Walk-in Closet Seat

Hester - #29344

In your owner’s suite closet! Few things are as handy as having a place to sit down when dressing. Yet, unless your closet is large enough to have a center island, finding a place for a seat can be difficult, and may mean sacrificing much wanted storage.

If your closet has a window, that might be the perfect location for a seat. The natural light is wonderful, and you wouldn’t have hanging or shelving in front of the window. Build the seat with a hinged top for added storage or perhaps discretely locating the safe for your valuables.

The Hester - #29344 features a spacious walk-in closet with a window and a seat. See a floor plan you like, but no seat in the walk-in closet? Let us help you Customize your home design. Start your plan search today!

If Your Suitcase is Always in the Way!

If Your Suitcase is Always in the Way!

Always on the go? Then you're sure to appreciate our Travel Center option, designed to keep everything handy and make packing a snap!

You know where your suitcase has been...so you're probably not going to want to pack it on the clean bedspread! Our travel center was inspired by customers who wanted storage plus convenience when it came to preparing to leave town.

Zirkel Gables #35092FB ml

Zirkel Gables - #35092FB

"I know where that suitcase has been, and it's not getting packed on my clean bedspread!"

"I live for spontaneous travel. I need a place to keep overnight essentials."

"Finding a place to store the suitcase is a pain."

The Travel Center addresses all of these issues and more. Situated in the owner's suite walk-in closet, packing the suitcase couldn't be easier as everything you need is conveniently within reach. You don't have to run up or down stairs to fetch the suitcase, and it's stored where it doesn't need to be constantly moved out of the way.

View more plans with a Travel Center already designed; or, talk with a plan specialist about adding one to a different plan: 800.947.7526

From Features to Benefits to Emotions

From Features to Benefits to Emotions

Eureka! You’ve just stumbled upon one of the most obvious advantages your homes offer that’s not found in other builders’ homes. Once they know, customers will beat a path to your door! But before you commit to that advertising campaign, let’s see what we can learn from Apple.

In the age of Sony Walkman personal CD players, Apple introduced the iPod, which could hold a lot more music than a single CD-Rom. Apple capitalized on that benefit with their slogan, “1000 songs in your pocket.” The advantage was obvious…and enormous!

Yet, according to marketing/branding guru Alessandra Ghini who was working for Apple on the iPod at that time, “the tagline failed to take the iPod mainstream.” Apparently, storage space wasn’t the point. As reported in Fast Company, Ghini’s team asked owners, “Why do you enjoy the iPod?” Consumer feedback centered around the emotions music can evoke from each listener. Ghini’s team refocused iPod advertising on the now ubiquitous human silhouettes enjoying their music, and another chapter in the annals of Apple’s success was written.

Holding 1000 songs was a factual benefit of the iPod. Yet, in that context, the appeal was limited. Apple’s home run came with tapping into buyers’ emotions surrounding using the product, specifically music’s ability to affect/enhance our mood.

Now, let’s return to that new amenity offered in your homes. We’ll use the Travel Center in the owner’s suite closet as an example. Properly staged, a Travel Center is obvious and easily understood by your model home visitors. But will it actually sell more homes? That depends on how those model home visitors feel.

Stories are a powerful way to tap into buyer’s emotions. “You know, I nearly broke my ankle when I tripped over the suitcase in my closet.” Or, “I love the travel center because everything’s ready, right there, for an unexpected trip.” Asking, “How do you see yourself using the Travel Center?” or to the frequent traveler “How would it make you feel to have everything for your next trip right here at your fingertips?” can help prospects envision living in the home and using the travel center.

Remember, buyers buy on emotion!

Most any plans with a walk-in closet can incorporate a Travel Center into the design, but here is a selection of plans with Travel Centers already designed:

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