Accessorizing the Room

Accessorizing the Room

Atlas Homewares Drawer Pulls

Photo Courtesy: Atlas Homewares

Accessories are the exclamation point of any room, especially when they produce a custom look. But creating a personalized look without the large price tag is always difficult. Atlas Homewares is trying to help by creating a line of customizable interchangeable hardware that can be installed on cabinetry or furniture. These modern geometry-inspired handles were designed with versatility in mind. Each piece allows you to mix and match the round or square bases with the rectangular or arc handles. You can even mix finishes. The end result is a fully customized look at a fraction of the cost.

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Pool Bath

Pool Bath

Plan 42104 - Corbett with Pool Bath

The Corbett – #42104

If your backyard is the gathering spot for the neighbor kids, you’ll appreciate they can go potty without traipsing through the home. And, if that bathroom has a shower, it’s an ideal “pool bath.”

Spent the afternoon planting and gardening? That’s a welcome clean-up spot. Similarly, if you have pets who just dug up that garden, the shower can turn in to a pet wash station.

The Corbette (#42104) and the Reeves (#42085) both feature a convenient bath off the covered porch. And, both lead to the laundry room–easy access to getting dirty clothes and towels in the laundry after cleaning off!

Plan 42085 - Reeves with Pool Bath

The Reeves – #42085

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Bathroom Storage Solution

Bathroom Storage Solution

Problem: Ladies have told us they would like to have a seat in the owner’s bathroom…that we need more hanging for towels…and that the clothes hamper/laundry basket is always in the way.

Solution: Design Basics’ new Stor-N-More™ presents a cushioned seat with flip-top bench, hidden storage for your laundry basket under the seat, extra towel hanging and linen storage all in the cavity previously shown simply as a linen closet!

Consider how we live: We undress in the bathroom for showering. Where do the dirty clothes go? Where do you hang a towel rack and robe hooks? The size and placement of the Stor-N-More in Design Basics’ Jensen Falls Plan (#29385) could easily have been just a regular linen closet. This new design amenity belongs in your next model (or Parade) home!

Search plans for the Stor-N-More amenity already built in by choosing the “Stor-N-More” filter under “Other Amenities and Features,” or let us help you find your perfect plan and incorporate it!

Texture Adds Interest

Texture Adds Interest

Creating textured walls that add interest without overwhelming your living space can be a challenge. One easy way to add interest and soft texture is by adding white shiplap to your space. The unique design is perfect for the popular modern farmhouse look, and your budget.

Photos Courtesy of Artistic Tile

Another option is to add textured monochromatic tile, like the Ambra Collection from Artistic Tile. Each piece is hand carved and honed to polish and shape the stone, giving it a wave-like appearance. You will instantly feel more serene as you look at the gentle flowing design of each tile. The Ambra Collection is available in six color options and because it is natural stone, it will accentuate any décor.

Bringing the outside elements in has never been more elegant.

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Have it Your Way – Bathroom Design

Have it Your Way – Bathroom Design

Form and function. Beautiful and practical. Great home design has to have both.

The bathroom in an owner’s suite has always been a “hot button” for home buyers. Hence, bath design receives lots of attention. Designers often start with creating the first impression–what you see when you first walk into the bathroom. We’ve been wowed by some visually stunning master baths only to discover practical considerations, such as convenient towel storage, were obviously afterthoughts. Many people like to dry off in the warm shower area rather than walk across the bathroom, wet and shivering, just to get their hands on a towel!

Nothing in the home is as personal to us as the master bathroom. So the design of this space is often modified from an original layout to one based on individual preferences. Here are the most common changes, and reasons for those modifications:

  • The original owner’s bath layout presents a large, doorless walk-in shower, compartmented toilet, and separate vanities.
  • Alternate bathroom layout #1 shows a single vanity with two sinks and adds another storage closet.
  • Alternate bathroom layout #2 utilizes the same single vanity with two sinks but shows a traditional bathtub in lieu of the extra closet.
  • People looking for a pampering bathing experience would likely opt for alternate layout #3 with its deluxe bathtub, large dual-sink vanity, semi-private toilet, and more generous walk-in closet.

Bathroom design, like your wardrobe, should be tailored for a perfect “fit”!

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