Copyright Protections

What You Can and Cannot Do...

Each plan license offered for sale by Design Basics is protected by United States copyright law. This means the images and construction prints of our designs are legally protected from unlawful use.

Buy the plan license, build the home, keep it legal. If you build a home from a copyrighted house plan from any designer without first purchasing the plan license, you are infringing on copyright protections afforded each of our designs. Design Basics and our affiliated designers actively seek legal remedy to copyright infringement.

Construction License

You have Construction License Options

Once you’ve purchased a home plan license from Design Basics, you will receive a Construction License that gives you certain rights, including:

You may build the home based upon the home plan depicted. Before you start construction, complete the Construction License process reporting the address where the home is to be built. Failing to do so invalidates your License and may subject you to legal penalties under federal copyright law.

  • Single-Build Construction License: After building the house, if you would like to build it again, you can obtain another Single-Build Construction License for that same design directly from Design Basics for just $250 (each build).
  • Unlimited-Build Construction License: For an additional one-time fee, an Unlimited-Build Construction License is available, allowing you to build multiple homes based upon the home plan depicted.

You may modify the plan or have a qualified local professional modify the plan at your direction. The original designer’s copyright notice must be retained on the modified drawings.

You may make additional copies of the house plan as needed for construction so long as the copies are made from the set you receive containing the red seal above. (The red seal will appear on your construction license if you ordered your house plan as a PDF file.)

Design Basics | Prohibited Activities

Protect Your Rights
Protect your rights to reproduce, modify, and build our home designs with a Design Basics Construction License. The above points are provided as general guidelines. Additional information is provided with each home plan license purchase, or you can contact us at 1.800.947.7526.

Plan Promotional License

Plan Promotional LicensePrior to purchasing a home plan license, you may want to advertise that design on your website, in your MLS, or in any print or electronic media. However, due to copyright law you cannot legally use any image, from any source, of a home design offered by Designs Basics without a Promotional License.

For a minimal fee, we will send you via email the Promotional License and digital artwork for the front elevation and each level of the home plan. The front elevation will be in color, if available, and floor plan artwork in black and white*. The digital artwork is hi-resolution, suitable for printing, and can be downsized for use on your website by your website administrator.



Main Level                                                  Upper Level

Front Elevation (Sunflower #42040)

*If you join our Builder-Centric℠ Preferred Builder Program, you will receive your floor plan artwork in color at no extra charge! Our colorized floor plans help buyers better visualize how the home lives – from storing, entertaining, and flexible living to de-stressing areas of the home. Visit our Livability at a Glance™ page for more information.

Main Level                                                  Upper Level

Home Plan Customization From Design Basics And Our Designers

As mentioned above, Design Basics, and our affiliated home designers, offer complete Plan Customization services. Who knows the plan better than the original designer? Contact us today to get a no-cost price quote for your plan customization: 1.800.947.7526!

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