Recessed “can” light fixtures solved the issue of evenly-dispersed illumination throughout a room that a typical light fixture suspended in the center of the room could not achieve, and eliminated having to clean those suspended lighting fixtures. But, recessed can lights are notoriously “leaky” in terms of air movement through the ceilings and associated energy loss. Then there’s the fact that the ceiling framing lumber will dictate where the can lights can and cannot be placed. And while tall ceilings are known for adding drama, that drama shouldn’t extend to changing those hard-to-reach recessed can light bulbs!

ilumigreenWafer-thin iLumigreen LED Downlights look and perform just like recessed can lights, but there’s no recessed fixture and therefore no cutting the ceiling and no energy loss. Rather, these 3.5 ounce downlights simply screw into the ceiling drywall, meaning you can place them anywhere you want. Choose from straight down or angled lights for cathedral ceilings; black, white, or satin finish; and color temperatures ranging from warm white to cool white to daylight. And because they are LED, they will last a very long time while using less electricity.

Stylish innovation that’s kind to Mother Nature and just makes sense…it’s not surprising that iLumigreen is a woman-owned and woman-led company!

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