Ante Room Entry DesignProblem: If you operate a home-based business, you’re essentially opening up your home to colleagues and clients. Wouldn’t it be great to have an area where they can wait comfortably until their appointment?

Solution: The Ante Room is a modest entry vestibule that provides a waiting area for business visitors; and, bathroom access is a plus.

Consider how we live: For privacy, convenience, and a host of other reasons, home-based business owners often want to limit their guests’ access to the home office area. The Ante Room (or vestibule) in Design Basics’ Mackenzie Court (plan 43067) provides such a reception area. It includes a bench seat, coat closet, and convenient bathroom access.

Since the need for an ante room entry is not for everyone, this is a unique design; therefore, if you find a plan in our library that you like, but need the ante room design, talk to us about our plan alterations service to see how we can reconfigure the home’s entry.

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