About 13 years ago we did some remodeling. We chose a pleasant color scheme and then the art and decor to go with it. While I love the framed prints we have on our walls, sometimes I wish I could do something new or swap them out. But, to do that it takes time, money, and a little manual labor. To remedy the situation, here’s a great alternative — Meural!

Meural 1Meural is a leader in the emerging industry of digital artwork display. The Meural Canvas features their signature TrueArt technology that delivers “an organic and lifelike art-viewing experience.” With a built-in ambient light sensor, the images automatically adjust to match the room lighting. The three styles of frames — black, white, or a lightbox version — complements any interior motif. The Meural Canvas houses a 27″ diagonal, 16:9 display with full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and can be displayed in landscape or portrait orientations.

With 8 GB of storage, the Meural Canvas can store approximately 2,000 images, which can be your own photos or digital artwork, or select from over 30,000 licensed images available from Meural, from the great masters to contemporary. Changing which picture is displayed is as easy as a swipe of the hand or control from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Learn more about Meural by visiting their website: www.meural.com

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