"It's a waste of time waiting around for the delivery driver, but if I don't, I'm always worried my package might not be there then I get home." "I may sell a dozen kits over the weekend [home-based business], but what I dread is having to plan my day around waiting for the delivery driver to pick them up."

It's almost become commonplace to hear about packages being stolen off porches, especially during the holidays, which is very disheartening. Whether it's a package being delivered or shipped out, you want it to be secure. There are apps that you can use in conjunction with a delivery service where the driver can open your garage door (or front door) and leave/take packages. But, how do you guarantee this is safe? We'd like to think delivery drivers are reputable and honest and won't take advantage of having access to our garage, even our house in some cases. This is where the Shipping Vestibule design is a nice alternative.

In the Leinart plan #29336, notice the shipping zone to the left of the front entry. There’s a secure closet accessed from the porch by your delivery driver keeping your home deliveries safe (you could install the app on this door for added safety and limit access to your home). Similarly, if you sell a dozen items online over the weekend, the shipping zone is ideal for packaging those items that you can then place in that shipping closet. No longer do you have to wait around for that delivery driver to drop off or pick up your items!

Talk to one of our plan specialists to learn more and see how a Shipping Vestibule can be incorporated into your home design! 

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