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Photo Courtesy: Hideaway Solutions

Hideaway Solutions has solved the problem of hard to reach shelves and cabinets in the kitchen with the STEP 180 pull-out cabinet step stool. Modern design lends itself to tall ceilings and cabinets, which can create a problem when they become out of reach. Hideaway Solutions has developed a sleek way to disguise a step stool into your design by creating a retractable built-in option. The step stool is built into your cabinetry and conveniently tucks away when not in use, saving space but not skimping on safety. It provides a built-in railing with an integrated child-lock that drastically reduces the risk of accidents. So go ahead, use all those upper cabinets and tall shelves, the STEP 180 was designed to work with custom and standard cabinets to give you a step up.

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