Sanders Lifestyles introduced Woman-Centric homebuilding to the Wichita, Kansas, area in a noticeable way, as their Hudson II model was selected “Pick of the Parade” for homes priced from $400,000 – $450,000 in the Fall, 2016 Parade of Homes. “The home and the Woman-Centric concept were very well received,” said builder Troy Sanders.

Sanders Lifestyles Bedroom

Transom windows provide added light with privacy

Sanders was looking for a way to distinguish his company and his homes from other area homebuilders when he heard about Design Basics’ Woman-Centric Matters!® approach at the International Builders Show. After researching the idea further and discussing the concept with family and colleagues, Sanders realized embracing women’s preferences in the home – in design, the products featured in the home, and designing remarkable customer experiences – was the way to go. “The Fall Parade would be an ideal opportunity to debut the Woman-Centric concept,” according to Sanders.

With the Parade little more than six months away, Sanders needed the right home design right away. Troy had previously built the company’s Hudson model in Iron Gate, the same Bel Aire, Kansas, neighborhood that his Parade home would be in, and gave the plan to Design Basics. “I wanted to shrink my original Hudson homeplan and yet add many of the innovative Woman-Centric amenities.” Design Basics revised the plan accordingly, including a new exterior design. To help build awareness of his new approach, Sanders placed a large sign at the front of the building lot during construction, “Coming soon – Wichita’s first Woman-Centric home.”

The company also had a new website designed based on Woman-Centric principles. Those efforts must have worked. “I had a lot of visitors during the Parade who said they had to come and see this Woman-Centric thing,” Sanders said, continuing, “I heard a lot of great comments.”

Sanders Lifestyles Kitchen

Impressive custom finishes throughout home

Sanders’ Hudson II features an enviable rear foyer. “When I had the time,” Sanders began, “I would take visitors to the garage entry and remind them this is what they would be coming home to, as most people come into their home from the garage. The big walk-in closet was a home run, as was the drop zone area with USB charging ports and mail slots. The bench, too, as you can sit down and slide shoes off right under the bench to keep them out of the trafficway. People really liked how that was done. And, putting a motion detector light switch there was so appreciated for those times when your hands are full coming in from the garage.”

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