Physiologically, we are drawn to natural light. That’s not surprising as natural light has been shown to provide numerous health benefits – both physically and mentally. Natural light promotes concentration and relaxation.

Numerous studies also conclude that we’re “wired” to be in community. Most people will recall time spent with family and friends as the best, and most important times in their lives; therefore, it’s no surprise that sunny spaces are golden for entertaining.

A natural conclusion is that areas in your home bathed in daylight would be ideal for making memories. Whether you relish delicious moments alone for personal reflection or growth or life-giving time spent with loved ones, “light, bright, and airy” describes the perfect space.

Design Basics BarclayHence, the long-standing popularity of sunrooms in our homes. Lined with windows on at least two sides to maximize natural light levels, sunrooms also connect us with nature’s beauty. And when the sunroom flows directly into your dining area, as seen in the Barclay (56392) plan, magic happens! Your dining space becomes so much more attractive, and the windows add a feeling of spaciousness. Practically, such design adds flexibility to your entertaining options as well. For instance, if on holidays you’ll have 12 people for dinner, you can add those leaves to your dining table (or set up another adjoining table) and all generations are together for that special meal!

View the plan: 56392

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